The Great Reorganization: Step 37: Building Sets and Making Labels.

With all of the hubbabaloo about Allen & Ginter, you might have thought that I've done nothing but deal with the newest Topps set for the last week or so.  While I have definitely enjoyed my time with the set, I've also spent a fair bit of time working on my seemingly never ending project that I've lovingly (?) referred to as the "Great Reorganization."

My progress on the reorganization took on two different aspects this week.  First, I managed to fully sort all of my new Allen & Ginter cards and put them in a new binder.  That's no small feat when you consider all of the base cards, full-sized inserts, and mini inserts in the set!  And yes, I'm basically trying to collect them all.  So yes, that made me feel like I accomplished something. 

My other accomplishment?  I went to Wal-Mart and bought some new blank labels and then spent quite some time scanning old box tops to make up new labels for my various sets that I collect.  As my loyal readers probably know, I try to keep all of my sets in binders on my bookshelves - and I like to have nice labels for the various binders, ideally using actual designs from that particular year's worth of card advertising.

For anyone that is interested, here's the sheet of labels that I made up for some of the sets that I've either finished or am still working on (and, of course, are sets that didn't already have a nice label on their respective binders).

Hopefully it won't be another three months (like it was until this post) until my next Great Reorganization post - it sure feels good to get something done!


  1. If I ever live out my collecting dream... it'd be to one day have all of my key sets in binders sitting on two or three bookshelves for easy access. The cool looking labels would be a nice bonus.


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