Another eBay Win, Another Batch of Flowers

It might be the middle of August but I'm still working hard on a set released in July:  2019 Topps Allen & Ginter. 

Actually, that opening line was definitely tongue-in-cheek since any set collector knows that trying to complete a full card set can take months, if not many years to finish.  However, I've been working harder than normal on trying to finish this year's edition of Ginter, mostly because one of my 2019 blog resolutions was to reduce the number of sets on my want list to 100 or fewer...and adding a whole bunch of sets from 2019 doesn't help me at all in terms of completing that goal.  Therefore, I've even resorted to buying needed cards from eBay which is exactly what I've done here with the In Bloom flower cards.

As of the time of me writing this post (which happens to be about a week prior to when you get to read it), here's my full want list for the remaining needed cards from 2019 Ginter's In Bloom mini set. 
In Bloom Want List:  IB- 3 Shirley Poppy, 4 Mexican Hat, 10 Flowering Crassula, 13 Golden Shrimp, 23 Johnny Jump Up, 25 Oriental Poppy
If you happen to have any of those, I'd LOVE to work out a trade!


  1. I was just reading about some variations on these inserts. There are six different cards that can actually be planted in soil, but I guess they're so tough to pull it's unlikely anyone will actually try it out.


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