Delivery Time! Buying Some Ginter from eBay Plus a Free Nacho!

I'm working much more diligently trying to complete this year's edition of Allen & Ginter than I think I have for any previous year.  This is obvious to me for a couple of reasons - first most of the previous year's worth of A&G sets have cards still lingering on my want list.  Second, I've been actually buying this year's A&G cards from eBay, something I've been loathe to do in previous years.

Case in point is today's PWE that arrived from an eBay seller.  This particular seller had a lot of two of the In Bloom mini cards and I happened to need both of them so it was an easy purchase.

I'm guessing most people know about tulips, nothing special there, but the Natal Lily was new to me (probably because it is native to South Africa according to the card back).  The Lily flower looks kind of nifty - and both images sure do have a lot of popping colors (which is a big reason why I love this set despite not being a "flower guy").

That was the extent of my purchase and I was happy that the seller shipped quickly.  However, in a sort of fun surprise, the seller used a card of "Nacho" as packing material. 

My eBay handle doesn't have any mention of my blog, so getting the Nacho card was surely coincidental.  That said, it's a pretty perfect card for my blog and a nice ending to a quick eBay purchase.


  1. I love the Tulip card since I've wanted Topps to make a Tulipmania insert set for a few years now.

    Also as someone who always parses your blog url as "fan o' freds" if you pick ip a Fred soccer card you'll properly confuse me.

    1. Yeah, looking back I wish I had made the URL as NachosGrande but it's probably too late to switch now! I do get a lot of people thinking that I have a rather robust love for people named Fred.


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