More eBay Winning (and some eBay ranting too)

My seemingly never ending goal of eliminating sets from my want list has been an all consuming task for most of 2019.  Of course, I made things much worse for myself since I've actually added 16 different sets to the want list this year...hard to get the entire list down to 100 sets or fewer by the end of 2019 if I keep adding to it, isn't it?

Well, goals are goals and so while I admit that I've shot myself in the foot a bit, I'm still trying to make my resolution which is where trading and eBay come in handy.  Case in point? 

I was able to grab that Shirley Poppy for relatively cheap off of eBay - one of the last flowers that I needed for my 2019 Allen & Ginter In Bloom set.  According to the card back, the Shirley Poppy has petals of lilac, pink, red, and white and can also grow in "dazzling double form" (whatever that means).

I have another eBay win sitting on my desk right now that I'll show off in the future but it's on hold for the moment because the seller forgot to include one of the cards I ordered in the package.  Here's hoping that it was an honest mistake and that things get taken care of quickly.  My eBay experiences have definitely been less than great the last few weeks - a different seller took over a week to do anything on a card purchase I made and then eventually refunded me my money saying he sold the card "off eBay."  Grr.  This is why trading will always be superior to eBay - so check out my want list and make an offer...with your help maybe I can make the 100 sets or less blog resolution a reality this year!


  1. I'm sitting on an eBay issue right now as well. Hoping it gets resolved soon. Hope yours does too.

  2. I won a great Chicago postcard and then the seller said he may have given it to his sister. Not sure I believe him but it was a rare card and I was definitely disappointed. Still for me these issues have been few and far between.


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