Trading Via Facebook (Larkins for Larkins)

I think I've mentioned it on my blog before, but I'm a member of a Barry Larkin collectors group on Facebook.  While many of the other members in the group (it's a small group I should note) have Larkin collections larger than mine, there are a few newer members for whom my collection seems big.

When I am able, I like to trade Larkin cards and I'll often do a 2-for-1, that is, two of my Larkins for each one of theirs as a way to both help a newer collector out AND reduce my pile of unneeded duplicates.

Today's trade is exactly that, a two-for-one where I mailed out ten different Barry Larkin cards and in return was sent five that I didn't yet own including a couple of Pacific Online cards that most definitely did not age well!

This latest batch of Larkin cards inches me closer and closer to 800 unique Larkins in my collection.  I'm still quite a ways behind in terms of my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection posts (currently sitting at 688 posts) but you'll see all of them eventually, so long as you keep returning to my blog day after day!


  1. Smart idea! I wish I could find a Tino collector to do this with.


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