Theme Week: Top 10 Lists: Larkins from Bob

Welcome to my latest Theme Week:  Top 10 Lists.  As you can probably guess, each Theme Week post will consist of a Top 10 list, but the subject matter will vary widely from list to list.  I hope you enjoy reading the lists as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

For today, I have a trade package from blog reader Bob and it makes for a perfect chance to extend my theme week another day since the envelope held nothing but Barry Larkin cards.  Let's count down my top 10 favorites, shall we?

#10:  1993 Topps - Black Gold insert

This one isn't new to my collection (see my Larkin Collection entry here).  I have to admit that the Black Gold cards have definitely grown on me over time.  I originally wrote about this particular Larkin card back in 2009 but now (ten years later ?!?!) I kind of dig the design a lot more than I did back then.  I guess that's proof enough that our tastes change over time, right?

#9:  2003 Fleer Authentix

This is another card that I already had in my collection (and written about) but it's still a good one.  Much like the Black Gold insert, the Fleer Authentix set design from '03 is another look that's grown on me over the years.  In fact, a few years ago I danced around the idea of trying to collect the entire base set but eventually I was able to talk some sense into myself and not start yet another new set!

#8:  2002 Leaf Certified

The first new-to-me Larkin card on the countdown and it earns the #8 slot simply by being new to me.  It's a nice and shiny card but I'm not a big fan of the vertical team lettering which keeps the card from rising any higher on my countdown.  Still, a new Larkin is always appreciated!

#7:  2003 Fleer Mystique

Another new Larkin for me and this one is even shinier than the Leaf card.  I think I prefer the simple, clean look of this one over the jumbled alphabet soup of the previous card (even if the previous card had a much better use of color). 

#6:  1997 Upper Deck SPx

Another card that I already owned but man, the '97 SPx cards are gorgeous to hold!  I've written about this card plus a couple of the parallels from the set already so I'd invite you to check those posts out if you are interested. 

#5:  2015 Topps Triple Threads

Originally, when I pulled this card from the package I was sure it was a duplicate.  Turns out I was wrong - somehow I owned a couple of the serially numbered parallels from this set but I didn't own the base card!  I really need to keep moving on my Barry Larkin Collection posts, I've basically posted almost nothing from 2015 onward (other than 2015 High Tek).

#4:  2003 Topps Total

Cards like this make me see why so many people yearn for a (proper) return of Topps Total.  This is an awesome card with great photography - and the team colors around the border makes it that much better.  Frankly, this card could be ranked a bit higher but tough decisions had to be made.

#3:  1997 Flair Showcase

I think I've opened a couple of boxes of different years' worth of Flair Showcase during group breaks and I've always enjoyed the brand.  I don't own many of the Larkins from Flair so getting this one with Larkin doing some sort of high stepping is great for my collection.  It's a sweet looking card for sure!

#2:  1999 Flair Showcase

While I like the photo choice of the 1997 Flair card better, I love the color pop of red (and Larkin's #11) in the background on this card enough to catapult it past the '97 version.  Definitely a keeper that I'm excited to add to my ever-growing collection!

#1:  1993 Metz Baking Company

And here we are - the best of the bunch:  a 1993 oddball that not only have I never seen before, I've never even heard of this set!  I'll be sure to try and research the set prior to writing my Larkin Collection post for this card but until then the real question is whether or not I should free the card from it's plastic wrapper. 

Many, many thanks to Bob for the awesome package of Larkin cards - and it's impressive that he was able to send me so many new cards for my collection at once!


  1. 90's Flair was pretty awesome. Everything from the innaugural set in 1993 to the Showcase stuff later in the decade.

    1. If I had an unlimited card budget (and unlimited storage space), I'd love to collect all of the late 90s Showcase stuff. So much fun (same for late 90s Topps Gold Label).


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