Delivery Time! Padrographs Sends...uh... A Postcard?

Rod, from the great Padrographs blog, is always posting (and mailing) cool items.  Right now, he's got a set of 50 US Governor cards that he created and sent out to get autograph from each state's governor.  You can read about his first success on his blog here.  I think it's a pretty cool idea, even if I personally am sick and fed up with politics!

I mention Rod's penchant for new and interesting ideas because if there's one thing I know when I receive a package from Rod it is that I have no idea what to expect inside!  That certainly makes for a fun rip, even if sometimes I'm left scratching my head as to what exactly a certain item is.

Case in point:  the latest PWE from Rod held exactly one item and I have no idea what it is from!

That's a postcard sized card of Whitey Wietelmann, MLB coach of the Cincinnati Reds for exactly two years (1966-67).  I'm guessing Rod knows about Wietelmann (a brand new name to me, by the way) since Wietelmann was a Padres coach for 13 years at the big league level as well as a number of years in the minors.  That doesn't solve the mystery of what exactly this postcard is though - and there's absolutely nothing on the backside of the card to provide me with any further clues. 

I also am fairly certain that the card is signed in blue ink (as opposed to that being a printed autograph) but again, I'm not much of an expert in figuring that sort of thing out.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm admittedly not all familiar with most stuff that people would consider vintage, I have neither the time nor the money to chase much of the "old stuff" though I am working on a set from 1889 so it's not like I completely ignore stuff from before I was born!

Thanks for the fun envelope - and the mystery that follows it, Rod!  I look forward to reading more about your custom governor set as well! 


  1. Trading Card Database lists it as a 1967 Reds Photocard.

    It lists 38 cards in the set, and sorry to say they do have printed blue facsimile signatures. Very neat oddball item, though!

    1. Ah, thanks for the information! It's definitely a unique addition to my collection (and I even learned a bit about someone I had never heard of before).

  2. I am just now starting to find out how generous Rod can be as well, he seems to be one of the rare people who enjoys going above and beyond what is expected him.


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