Delivery Time! The Rest of the Zapping.

A couple of days ago, I showed off the main part of a recent trade with Zippy Zappy (basically a whole big pile of LEGO bricks)!  Today, it's time to turn our attention to the rest of the trade which consisted of a small pile of baseball cards. 

Here are my top 5 favorite cards from the stack:

#5:  Johnny Bench

This card would probably have ranked higher if I wasn't 99% certain I already have a copy of this one from a previous trade.  I do like the simplicity of Topps Big League - and while I didn't buy any sets this year other than Ginter, Big League is definitely worthy of a purchase based on the few cards I've acquired via trades at least!

#4:  Michael Lorenzen

The Reds' two-way player is apparently working hard this off-season to add a couple more MPH to his fastball.  The Reds hired some sort of analytics firm to help their pitchers and I think Lorenzen has bought into that mentality 100%.  As for the card, I love the image with the bright blue sky and the vacant baseball field in the background. 

#3:  Nick Senzel

Bowman's generally not a set that I have much interest in but I do appreciate getting (potential) Reds' stars from the set.  This particular Bowman design is actually fairly nice and I like the image used for Senzel (even if he is unlikely to ever play third base for the Reds' big league club).

#2:  Barry Larkin

I'm always happy to land a Barry Larkin card in a trade, even if I happen to own it already

#1:  Sonny Gray

The only non-Reds card in the countdown and it ends up at #1!  Gray turned out to be a great player for the Reds this year and I love this minor league card of his.  I don't know anything about the Midland RockHounds but their logo is kind of cool.

Thanks for the great trade, Zippy Zappy!  I appreciate both the LEGO sets and the baseball cards.  Hopefully, before long I'll have some fruits of my creative labors to show over on my LEGO blog with regards to my custom LEGO city.  It's a work in progress for sure but now that I've got a bunch of new pieces maybe I'll actually get another building built!


  1. I was so stoked that Sonny had a great year for the Reds. Hope he continues to have success in Cincinnati next season.


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