30 MLB Teams in 30 Posts: #12

My hint for today's team was that it's one of the teams within driving distance of my house.  What I didn't say is that I still have to drive to a different country to get there!

#12:  Toronto Blue Jays (2019 rank:  #11)

I'm glad the Blue Jays are a baseball team mostly because it's a ballpark that I can drive to (about 4 or 4.5 hours away from my house).  Despite crossing the border, it's still a fairly easy drive with the only problem (some times at least) being finding affordable parking in Toronto.  If you've never been, I'd recommend checking out the ballpark plus the surrounding area.  It's not the nicest ballpark area I've ever been to but it's alright.  Just don't eat the street hot dogs, I made that mistake once.

Anyhow, the Blue Jays end up fairly high in my rankings in part because of proximity but also because they play the Red Sox and Yankees so often by virtue of being in the AL East with them.  As such, when I look at the game match-ups for a given day, I always root for whoever is playing Boston and New York which is very often going to be Toronto.

Next on my countdown we go to another team that's perfectly adequate...but one that would definitely not be considered within driving distance of my house.

2020 Rankings:
#30:  New York Yankees
#29:  Boston Red Sox
#28:  St. Louis Cardinals
#27:  San Francisco Giants
#26:  Washington Nationals
#25:  Miami Marlins
#24:  Chicago Cubs
#23:  Milwaukee Brewers
#22:  Houston Astros
#21:  Pittsburgh Pirates
#20:  Atlanta Braves
#19:  Los Angeles Angels
#18:  Los Angeles Dodgers
#17:  Texas Rangers
#16:  San Diego Padres
#15:  Baltimore Orioles
#14:  Colorado Rockies
#13:  Kansas City Royals
#12:  Toronto Blue Jays
#11:  ??

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  1. I've been to Toronto's park once and it didn't leave much of an impression on me. I do like all the young talent on the Blue Jays right now. I'm excited to see what Guerrero, Biggio and Bichette can do this year!
    I'll go with the Mariners for #11.

  2. Hey, José Bautista. He was a Met for a little while there. So, um, yeah, not much to say about Toronto. They're there. I'll certainly root for them against the Yankees. Other than that, I don't much care. Oh, they are the only team whose new spring training/batting practice cap is good. It's actually REALLY good, whereas just about all the others are awful.

    I keep expecting the Diamondbacks to show up, and they're certainly nowhere near where you live, so that's my guess.

  3. Saw a ballgame in Toronto once...at old Exhibition Park in 1980.
    A friend of mine and I went, not just because we loved baseball, but the White Sox 1st Baseman was Kalamazoo's own, Gold Glover Mike Squires.

    I'm thinking maybe Tampa isn't within driving distance.

    Good Job! 👍

  4. Gotta be Diamondbacks. Glad my Jays rank pretty high.

  5. Blue Jays fans gotta be pretty pumped about their team this year--so much talent and potential. And they got last year's NL ERA leader in Hyun-Jin Ryu, too. The AL East race should be very interesting.

    I'll go with the Oakland A's to go onstage next.

  6. Despite being my team's division rivals, I have a hard time disliking this team. They always seem to have some fun players to watch. I'm going with the Diamondbacks next.

  7. Ever since I found out that Dave Stieb and I attended the same high school, I became a fan of him... so I'd pull for the Blue Jays every now and then.


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