Who Wants to Join the Best Fantasy Baseball League I've Ever Been In?

I've mentioned my fantasy baseball league a few times on the blog in the past but now I'm back with an invitation for someone new to join our league. 
This is my divisional championship patch, you'll have to earn your own by beating me!

One of the league members ended up getting a job with the Detroit Tigers and so that person had to leave the fantasy baseball arena.  His gain is the league's loss...but it could also be your gain if you'd like to join in a super competitive baseball league!  The league is a paid league (league dues are $40 per team).  Each of the three divisional winners gets a cash prize at the end of the season as well as the overall league champ (8 teams out of the 16 make the playoffs). 

If you think you might be interested, shoot me an email ASAP (see my want list for my email address).  I can answer any other questions and then send your information over to our league commissioner Ryan (the guy who made all those awesome custom Ginter minis that I often include in trade packages).

PS:  If you are looking for the latest entry in my MLB Team Countdown list and the next contest entry you can find that here (I posted it earlier tonight).


  1. Update: The spot in the league may be taken but if you are interested feel free to email me in case either that spot (or another) opens up again.

    1. I love Fantasy Baseball. I am always looking for a real league to join as opposed to randomly-assembled leagues.


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