Pick 3 Results from Wax Pack Wonders

It was still June when I received my second PWE of the month from Jeff over at Wax Pack Wonders.  Much like with the first PWE (which I talked about previously on the blog), the latest PWE was the result of another card giveaway.  Jeff does a kind of unique giveaway in that you select three players from a given list and then he sends you a PWE of cards of that particular player.  You get to know who you are going to receive but not what you will receive.  It makes for a fun mail day (and a bit of mystery/gamble).

For me, I jumped in his second giveaway mostly because there were still two Reds available that I (sort of) collect.  The first was Joey Votto.

The three cards here are all nice (and varied)!  I'm actually thinking that all three might be new to my collection - I know that the Bowman Platinum is new but I don't think I had either of the other two as well.  Certainly a good start to the envelope!

The other Red that I wanted to grab was retired legend Johnny Bench.

Jeff didn't disappoint me here either.  In fact, he somehow squeezed in four Bench cards even though I only scanned three of them.  I like the Disco Era Dandies insert, though I do wish that Bench was facing the camera in the photograph.  

For the third category of players, there really wasn't anyone still available that spoke to me so I went with John Kruk for no real reason at all.  

That pizza card is fun, I remember my dad coming home with a few Tombstone pizzas back in 1994 and him giving me the included baseball cards.  Do they still make Tombstone pizza?  

Many thanks to Jeff for the giveaway!  I would encourage all of you to check out his blog if you haven't already.  


  1. Oh, yes, they still make Tombstone Pizza. I really don't eat frozen pizza--I've tried to pretty much stop eating those kind of processed foods, although I've backslid a bit during the pandemic--but I still see them in the freezer section.


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