The Fifth Set I've Completed in 2020 Is...

The fifth set that I've completed in 2020 is the Big Shots set from the 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice set.

The Big Shots set is an insert set that truly celebrates the photography of the game (such as that awesome Griffey, Jr. card above).  

The front of each card features an action shot (or some other neat shot that you'd expect to find in a set like Stadium Club) while the back of each card shows a smaller image of the photographer who took the picture.  

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only insert set that I have that features photos of photographers on it!  

I was still missing six cards from the 19 card set but thanks to my (not-so-recent) COMC order I now have the full set tucked away in a binder!  Of the final six that I needed, the Ken Griffey, Jr. is the clear favorite but I also like that Brian Jordan card with his helmet flying off.  I feel like I have that Alex Rodriguez photo already...perhaps on a card created by Pacific?  I'm not sure but the photo seems awfully familiar to me.

It feels great to have another set completed!  Even better, these were the final six cards that I needed from any of the sets from 1997 so not only do I get to remove a set from my want list but I get to remove an entire year!  I still have two more sets that I've completed thanks to my COMC order to show off.  Stay tuned for those soon!


  1. great little set of cards! makes me miss Collector's Choice a little bit more. the only other set that comes to mind is a Pinnacle insert series I enjoyed, The Christie Brinkley Collection. Besides modeling, she enjoy sports photography. Christie is pictured on the back of each card. I still don't know how she ended up with Billy Joel for so many years. ..but I digress.

  2. Derek Jeter card would be a nice card to have.

  3. Congratulations on completing another set. Never seen these before, but that Griffey is pretty cool. Off to COMC to see who else is on the checklist.

  4. Oh wow I was unaware of these but now have to add them to search list. Walter Iooss and VJ Lovero had photographer sets in Upper DEck but I don't think they were ever pictured. So aside form the Christie Brinkley set the only other possibility is a few cards that Randy Johnson took (don't know the year though)

  5. It's nice for the photographers to get a little nod like that. Congratulations on finishing up the set -- and the year!


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