Ginter Relics are the Best Kind of Relics

 Over the past couple of weeks, I've probably put more effort into my card collection than I had done for the previous two or three years.  I've been active on Sportlots, eBay, and TCDB not to mention I completed a trade on Facebook, and (of course) the blog!

One set that I've jumped into head first with no regard to my own sanity is the 2020 Allen & Ginter framed relic set.  I'll probably never actually complete this thing but I'm certainly going to give it an honest effort!  For now, my main task is to find relics at an affordable price.  In doing so, I've been able to cherry pick a couple of relics off of eBay including this Paul Goldschmidt.

The Goldy relic bit is a rather boring piece of wood but the next relic makes up for that...

That's a bright orange bit of cloth for Carlos Correa and this is definitely one of the more interesting color choices that I've seen on any 2020 A&G relic cards.  Each of the two relics above came from different eBay sellers and with those each in hand I now own 24 of the 70 relics in the set with another seven (!) relics that should be in the mail on their way to me by now.  Not bad for someone who's being pretty cheap about collecting the whole thing so far!