NEW Group Break: 2003 Playoff Prestige

It's Tuesday so that must mean it's group break night at Nachos Grande*!  

*I wrote this post on Tuesday then forgot to change the posting time to Tuesday night.  Whoops!  At least there are still plenty of teams available for all my loyal blog readers!

I'm back with another group break sign-up post...and this is a return to a product we busted once already a few weeks ago.  Our first box of 2003 Playoff Prestige was so much fun I had to immediately try and track down a second box for another run at the product.  In the previous box, we pulled a total of seven hits (6 dual relics plus a nice patch card).  I invite you to check out the highlights of the first break on my blog.

Photo of the previous group break box but it's the same set once again!

From what I could find online, here's what we can expect with the set:

Base Set:

  • Rookies 1:3


  • X-Tra Points Purple veterans numbered to 150
  • X-Tra Points Purple rookies numbered to 50


  • League Leaders 1:23 numbered to 2002
  • League Leaders Materials 1:183 numbered to 250
  • Draft Class Reunion 1:24
  • Inside the Numbers 1:15 numbered to 2002
  • Inside the Numbers Die-Cut 1:1855 numbered to player's jersey number
  • Signature Impressions autographs 1:339
  • Award Winners autographs 1:339
  • Diamond Heritage 1:21
  • Diamond Golden Heritage 1:422 numbered to 50
  • Diamond Heritage Materials 1:184 Bats numbered to 100 - Jerseys numbered to 200
  • Diamond Heritage Materials Autographs 1:1490 numbered to 15-25
  • Connections 1:8
  • Century Connections 1:103 numbered to 100
  • Material Connections 1:30 numbered to 500
  • Infield/Outfield Tandems dual materials numbered to 100 - Hobby Exclusive
  • Stars of MLB game jersey 1:73 numbered to 150 - Hobby Exclusive
  • Patches of MLB game jersey patch 1:502 numbered to 25 - Hobby Exclusive
  • Autograph Stars of MLB autographs 1:674 numbered to 25 - Hobby Exclusive
  • Autograph Patches of MLB autographed game used jersey patch 1:10240 numbered to 5-10 - Hobby Exclusive
As you can see, lots of cool stuff is possible!  

Box information:

This is a hobby box of 2003 Playoff Prestige baseball which has 24 packs (6 cards per pack).

Break Information:

Note:  Any cards featuring more than one team will be randomized between the represented teams except if one team was a "claimed team" and the other team(s) were "random" teams.  In that case, priority goes to the claimed team.


As in my previous breaks, stacking will apply.  In other words, the price below is the price per team without shipping.  I will hold onto all of your group break cards until you request shipping.  In this way, you can join in four or five group breaks (if you'd like) and then pay once for shipping at the end.  I'm holding cards for up to a year from your last break so you don't have to feel like you need to join in every break, I recognize not every box is of interest to every collector (and I like to vary the boxes I offer).


Group Break:  2003 Playoff Prestige Baseball (Hobby)

Team slots remaining:  

  • $5 - Arizona Diamondbacks -
  • 💲✔️Atlanta Braves  - Roy Galloway
  • $4 - Baltimore Orioles - 
  • 💲✔️Boston Red Sox  - Ben Morris
  • 💲✔️Chicago Cubs - Ben Martin
  • $7 - Chicago White Sox - 
  • 💲✔️Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
  • $7 - Cleveland Indians - 
  • 💲✔️Colorado Rockies - John Donovan 
  • $4 - Detroit Tigers - 
  • $6 - Houston Astros - 
  • $5 - Kansas City Royals - 
  • $5 - Los Angeles Angels - 
  • 💲✔️Los Angeles Dodgers - Rod Richards
  • $5 - Miami Marlins - 
  • $4 - Milwaukee Brewers - 
  • $5 - Minnesota Twins - 
  • $7 - New York Mets -
  • 💲✔️New York Yankees - Ben Martin
  • 💲✔️Oakland Athletics* - Rod Richards
  • 💲✔️Philadelphia Phillies - daddyohoho
  • 💲✔️Pittsburgh Pirates - Wade Fisher
  • 💲✔️San Diego Padres - Rod Richards
  • 💲✔️San Francisco Giants - Rod Richards
  • $7 - Seattle Mariners - 
  • $8 - St. Louis Cardinals - 
  • $1 - Tampa Bay Rays - 
  • $8- Texas Rangers - 
  • $5 - Toronto Blue Jays - 
  • 💲✔️Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Colbey Hopper
*I'm going to throw in the Mulder/Zito dual relic from the last box break to the Athletics' spot in this break.  Guaranteed hit!  Serially numbered 153/400.

1.  Please leave a comment below with the team(s) you are claiming.

2.  Send PayPal payment (as FRIENDS & FAMILY) to:  fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com (the same email that is in my profile).  I would appreciate all payments sent as "gifts."

3.  IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CURRENT STACK OF GROUP BREAK CARDS, please email me the following information:

  • Your user name
  • The team(s) you claimed
  • The email address you sent payment from
  • Your mailing address  Note:  If you already have a stack started, you don't need to email me your address again as I should already have it saved with your pile of cards!

As with previous breaks, I will also throw in a few bonus packs to add even more cards to the overall card total for everyone.  Sign up now!


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