The Last of the Sportlots Order... Nolan Ryan and a Whale.

 The final envelope that I was waiting for from my recent Sportlots order finally arrived at my house so let's get right to it!  For an envelope with only two cards in it, I think it still packed a pretty powerful punch.

We begin with this 2009 Upper Deck Goudey card of Nolan Ryan.

I've made a concerted effort over the past couple of months to try and actually finish off the 2009 Goudey set.  I have most of the card that I need purchased (but not yet shipped) from COMC.  Now that this last one is in hand from Sportlots, I'm down to needing only three more cards before I can finally knock this set off of my want list once and for all: 2009 Goudey Wants:  Base: 211, 220, 224

From a set that is nearly complete to one that I've barely begun...

That's an Allen & Ginter retail only Behemoths Beneath mini and it puts me at the 40% complete mark for this particular insert set.  Actually, I'm at 55% complete if you count the other three cards that are coming via trades but that I haven't actually gotten in hand and in my binder quite yet.  Either way, there's a long ways to go on this (and most other 2020 A&G mini inserts)!  

I think I'll give buying singles a break for awhile as I've recently begun to focus more and more on trading over at Trading Card Database.  I really ought to see if anyone has those last few remaining Goudey cards available on that site!


  1. Sweet Ryan. Kinda reminds me of one of the artists who does the Project 2020 cards.

  2. That's a whale alright :)

  3. whales on minis- is that irony?? it's comical anyway.


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