Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Final Goodies from Colbey...

Today's post marks the fourth post for a single group break / trade box that arrived courtesy of Colbey over at Cardboard Connections.  If you missed the previous posts, you can check out the third post (and from there find the links to the first two posts).  I had to split the trade into so many posts simply because there was a large quantity of cool stuff!

Speaking of cool stuff, I'm sure most of you know that I've gotten into collecting the Lego minifigures from the various minifigure series.  Colbey was generous enough to throw in three figures for me...

First up, one of the two or three most wanted figures for me - the baseball player.

I happen to like the ballplayer a lot - and it's a small bonus that his hat has a vague Cincinnati feel to it in terms of both color and the C!  His jersey says "Clutchers" which at least means the Lego guy plays on a team that doesn't contain A-rod.  *rim shot*

Next up, a goofy figure of a Minotaur.

The minotaur is the only figure that I own so far in which the figure doesn't have the typical Lego head.  The Minotaur's head is the entire top portion, though the two white horns are removable.

The third and final figure was another "most wanted" figure for me - the sailor.

My brother is in the Navy so it's kind of cool to have a sailor guy in my collection.  Even better, when my brother and I were younger (a lot younger as I just turned 30 today), he and I would spend hours and hours playing with Legos together.

Thanks for all the good stuff Colbey, both in terms of the group break AND the trade.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  I didn't get any "mojo hits" in the group break but I did win a randomization for this card:

It's one of the First Day Production cards - and it's available for trade.  If no one is interested in it, I'll probably throw it up on either eBay or Listia, maybe some Twins collector (or Stadium Club collector) will want it.  For the record, the player is Mike Trombley and the card is number 336 in the set (1993 Stadium Club).


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Nice legos and Happy Birthday!!!

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