Thursday, November 15, 2012

Even More Goodies from Cardboard Collections

This is now the third post regarding a single box that Colbey (from Cardboard Collections) sent me.  In the first post, I showed off my group break haul.  In the second post, there was a countdown of the eight best Barry Larkin cards in the box (also all from the group break).  However, I mentioned that there was also a trade worked out that arrived in the same box - so now let's take a look at that portion of my loot!

We worked out a small trade - and without consulting my Excel file with all my trades, I couldn't tell you what I sent his way anymore.  That said, I do know what he sent me - and it included three Allen & Ginter cards:

First, one of the last few remaining code cards that I didn't own.

I'm now only missing two more code cards (Trudy Givens & Willow Cove High School).  It's not the most exciting set, especially now that the code has been broken!  However, as a completionist I felt compelled to finish off this set as well.

Speaking of finishing off sets, Colbey also sent me a pair of minis - one regular back for my set and one Culinary Curiosity.

Finally, Colbey helped me inch closer to completing my 2012 Topps Archive set with this Classic Combos card of Miguel Cabrera and Al Kaline.

I kind of like the Classic Combos cards, even if it's super obvious that Photoshop was used!

As most of you know, Colbey is a generous guy so he also threw in a few assorted Reds for me - I've only scanned a few of my favorites.

Stay tuned for one more post regarding the box - the best part of the trade (from my end) still hasn't been revealed, along with a nice trade bait card!


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