Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Barry Larkin Experiment: A New Round of Voting Begins!

I've been a bit slow in writing (and posting) my Barry Larkin Experiment.  I started the experiment last year and at the rate I'm currently going, I'll be lucky if I finish it next year.  Even so (or perhaps because of that fact), let's get right to the next round of voting.  Before I reveal the next few match ups, here are the final results for the last three pairings.
Not a big surprise (to me) for the first poll.  The Fleer Greats set from 2006 is pretty awesome.

Our first tie of the bracket!  Since I only vote in case of a tie, I was able to exercise my powers.  In doing so, I sent the Topps 60 relic card on to the next round (barely).  The '91 Fleer All-Star card is quite nice, but the relic marked a return to Barry Larkin cards for Topps (a move that I love of course)!

There were two '06 Fleer Greats cards in the three polls, both made it on to the next round.  Should they both win again, there will be a 2006 Fleer Greats showdown!

If you are interested in the bracket so far, check out the link.

Now, on to the next round of voting!  As usual, you can find all of the polls on my sidebar to the right.

1993 Fleer Ultra vs. 1988 Fleer

It's the battle of Fleer!  Will it be the shinier and slightly flashier Fleer Ultra or will the barbershop set otherwise referred to as 1988 Fleer reign supreme?

1995 Tombstone Pizza vs. 2001 Fleer Triple Crown

This is an interesting match up because it features one of the oddball Larkin cards in my collection.  In the initial seeding round, the Tombstone card proved to be quite popular.  In fact, it locked down the #15 seed. For comparison, the Triple Crown card barely eeked into the tournament by landing the 50th seed.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, wish I could vote for the top two over both the bottom two :)

Scott Sawyer said...

I'm voting for the Tombstone card as long as it lasts.

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