Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The First of the NEW Packs for 2013!

I purchased a pair of new packs for 2013 off of Listia.  A pair of what packs you ask?  Well, my first two LEGO Series 9 Minifigure packs, that's what!  For quite some time, I was afraid I wasn't going to get the two packs though.  The Listia seller that I purchased the packs from said that he sent them about three weeks ago and then about a week later messaged me saying that the packs came back to him in the mail because he didn't put enough postage on them.  Luckily, the seller was an honest person and true to his word the packages did arrive (eventually).

Like the previous eight series, Series 9 boasts 16 different minifigures (see my preliminary review of all 16 here).

Since I didn't have any of the figures from the series, my only real goal with the first two packs was for there to be a different figure in each package.  Luckily, that held true.

My first package held the police officer (#6 in the set).

The cop is much, much cooler than any of the cops that I had in my LEGO collection when I was kid.  For one, the officer has a pair of handcuffs which would make for a lot of play fun.  Second, he had an ID badge which I could imagine using as a prop that the town burglars might covet if they were to try to break into a museum or something.
The one thing the bandits wouldn't covet?  The handcuffs!

The second figure was also pretty cool - the Roman Emporer (#5 in the set).

As a huge fan of all things Greek and Roman, the Emporer was one of my most coveted figures from the set.  To land it so early was certainly exciting for me!

Although there wasn't a lot that LEGO could add to the Emporer in terms of props, I thought the scroll was a good choice.

Now if only they would make a LEGO Colosseum!

I'm going to have to start selling more of my stuff on Listia in order to accumulate some more credits for LEGO figures!  Fun stuff to be sure.


Nick B. said...

Awesome! The beauty of LEGO is you can create your own Colosseum, right?

Ana Lu said...

I bought like 5 packs the other day and got 3 Mr. God&Evil. Brought 1 of them to my working desk.


Since I already had 1 you see..Also got the Butler duplicated and the Skater Girls duplicated too!

I think we got all the bad packs around here.

I think I'll go and buy the next pack on the LEGO store itself instead of buying on other shops.

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