Barry Larkin Collection #170: 1995 Topps - Cyberstats #189 - Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Topps
Insert Set:  Cyberstats
Card number:  189

In 1994, Major League Baseball suffered a strike as a direct result of the players and owners arguing about (what else?) money.  The strike resulted in a cancelled season - and for many fans, a complete exodus from the sport entirely.  For baseball card companies like Topps, I'm sure the strike was extra painful...after all, who would want to buy cards depicting rich players arguing about money (and not playing)?

Remarkably, Topps managed to skirt around the ugly issue of the 1994 strike in its 1995 set by issuing a cyberstats insert set.  Basically, Topps used a computer simulation to finish off the 1994 season and then they plastered the results of the simulation on the backs of baseball cards.  That's right, that big bold red line of stats is pure garbage!

Although a quirky idea, I kind of like it!  It showed a bit of creativity from Topps - and the card design is fairly good as well (though the backs of the cards look like they belong to a Score set to me).  The front of the card is refractor-esque in nature, something that didn't exactly show up in the scan by the way.  All told, I think I actually like this card quite a bit better than the actual 1995 Topps base card for Larkin!


  1. I have to admit I liked the concept too. For some players it was their best "season".

  2. I agree with Swing. For many players that was probably their best run in a seqson.

    But that is the best example for good imagination. Back when Topps had to pull something better than the opposition.

    Nowdays I would find dificult Topps doing something like this.

  3. I have a bunch of reds cards relics and rookies wondering if you interested?


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