Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Canada! (The Post Office Hates You)

It might be American Heritage Week here at Nachos Grande but that doesn't stop me from spreading a little love to our neighbors up north....


I recently agreed to (and completed) a simple trade with Douglas from Sportscards from the Dollar Store blog.  When I opened my mailbox, this is what I was greeted with thanks to either the American or Canadian post...
Why yes, that is a rip through the middle of the envelope.  And yes, it looks like someone opened the top already.

...of course, my local post office wanted to assure me that they weren't responsible for the manhandling of the package thanks to a little note (written in ballpoint pen).

Luckily for me, Douglas secured the cards in top loaders so no actual harm was done to the cards (which was amazing considering how the envelope looked)!

What cards had the unfortunate experience of going through all that trauma just to arrive in my collection?

Why, nothing but some 1990 Topps.

(Seems fitting now, doesn't it?)

Douglass hooked me up with eleven '90 Topps cards that I needed (yeah, I'm collecting the set now).   My favorite three?

#1:  Checklist

You saw how I mangled my original checklists as a kid.  Now I have a nice pristine checklist for my set.

Robin Ventura:

The Ventura card was the closest thing to a "star player" card that I got in the trade.  I must say, the 1990 Topps set isn't really known for the star players so that is to be expected (other than the Frank Thomas card of course).

And finally, Tyler Houston.

I always liked the draft pick cards as a kid - they were kind of cool in a different sort of way (lots of college and high school uniforms).  Now, I'm not nearly as much of a fan (thanks for that Bowman) but it's still an interesting card.  Tyler appears to be about 15 in the photo...even worse, it's like someone just woke him up, told him to put on his jersey, and then snapped a photo to live on in baseball card land forever.

Thanks to Douglas's generosity, I also landed a few assorted Reds including this gorgeous Cingrani green parallel card from 2013 Topps.

I haven't bought a single pack of 2013 Topps - but it's card like this that almost convince me that I ought to.

Finally, a card from a new set (to me)...

I have no idea what the Royal Rookies set is - but I like the Elite 8 logo at the reminds me of my Elusive 8 page on my blog.

Thanks for the trade Douglas!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


Captain Canuck said...

I've said it a thousand times...I even posted about it.
If you put a top loader in a pwe, that's what the envelope will look like 99 times out of a hundred.
A pwe does not get handled by hand like bubbleopes do. It goes through sorting machines. Machines calibrated for thin paper envelopes. If you put a thick plastic top loader in a pwe, it gets wrecked in the machine, and someone needs to go and fish it out.

To use a top loader in a pwe, you MUST mark it at your post office NOT MACHINABLE, and maybe pay extra (not familiar with the u.s. system)
They will then put it in with the packages instead of lettermail.

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