Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Nachos Grande Family of Blogs (and Other Musings)

Most of you probably know that I write more than one blog.  In fact, I try to keep up with three blogs.

1.  Nachos Grande:  This is my "primary" blog where I do my best to post at least once a day.  For the most part, you can expect at least two posts per day here - though lately my creative muse has been mostly missing.

2.  Legend of LEGO:  This is my newest blogging endeavor and so far it's been a slow (but steady) growth in blog readers.  Basically, I use the blog to highlight various LEGO sets and reviews.  Recent highlights include a review of a 2,032 piece Pet Shop plus not one, but two different minifigure pack breaks.

3.  Trial by Blogging:  My third blog is designed to be where I write about education, teaching, and other similar interests.  The Trial by Blogging blog has been (by far) my least updated blog lately - but that doesn't mean I've abandoned it.  In fact, I hope to revive it to a more respectable standard shortly.  I'm planning on redesigning my Calculus I curriculum for next fall and hope to use TbB as an outlet for ideas (and possibly discussion).

In addition to the three blogs, I have also begun writing articles about the Cincinnati Reds as part of the Yahoo! Contributer Network.  You can find my profile here - plus a link to some of the articles that I've written.

I must say, the Yahoo! Network pays quite well (at least compared to the Google Ad Sense).  I've been writing here at Nachos Grande for four years I believe and am just now approaching the $100 ad mark (the minimum earning amount to get a check mailed to you).  In my two months of writing for Yahoo!, I've already made over $100.

Obviously making money is nice, but it's even better for me since I have a stated goal of making my collection self sufficient this year.  I use things like money earned from Google or Yahoo! to help pay for my various baseball cards (plus LEGO sets and the like).

That's the state of the blog(s) for me - how is your blogging going?  I'd love for you to chime in - and feel free to leave a link to your blog as well in the comments!


Crackin Wax said...

Yeah, the whole Google AdSense and YouTube Monetization just doesn't do the content creator much good. Unless someone happens to go viral, making any sort of money off of that is all but impossible. In fact, Google is likely banking on most people never making it to the $100 threshold and, therefore, never having to write checks for those people. It's a scam... of sorts.

Fuji said...

I've considered trying out the whole "ads" for $$$... but figure I don't have the kind of following that would make it worth while. Congratulations on making $100 in two months... that's awesome! Nothing like getting paid to do something you enjoy.

Colbey Hopper said...

I feel your pain in trying to keep up with multiple blogs. I don't always have stuff to blog about on a daily basis with my card blog, and toy reviews take much more time to craft a post. I'm actually helping some friends put on Charlotte, NC's first ever unofficial Transformers convention (Char-ticon) later in the summer (August), so all of my blogging may slow down as the show approaches.

I tried the whole Amazon thing, but the ads got annoying so I dropped the whole thing. Making money while blogging would be cool, but I'm just as satisfied with things 'as-is'.

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