Monday, May 13, 2013

When A Letter Begins "I was cleaning out cards and..." (Part I)

As the post title suggests, I recently received a surprise package in the mail from blog reader David.  In the package, David wrote me a nice little note that began:
Hey - was cleaning out cards since I'm moving...and thought you would enjoy this oddball mix.
Cards for me?

This is perfect.

I've been struggling lately to come up with creative things to say about cards - maybe an oddball envelope full of goodies is just what I needed!

As you'll see over the next couple of posts (way too much to fit into a single post), this package provided me with plenty for my creative muse!  In fact, here's a brief teaser just to whet your appetite for what is to come.

Once you've ogled over the pretty picture, why don't you check out my first attempt at selling stuff on my blog.  I'd love to be able to cut out the "middle man" (in this case eBay and PayPal) if at all possible.



Nice looking mixture !

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