Thursday, May 16, 2013

When A Letter Begins "I was cleaning out cards and..." (Part 3)

Note:  I covered part 2 of the recent trade package from David here, read that first if you missed it then come back here!


We dip back into the trade envelope in order to pick out some more goodies to show.  What better way to begin than with a pair of autographs?

Yep - two football autos of guys that I've at least heard of!  I'm a Steelers fan so neither guy is overly exciting to me but an autograph is autograph as they say!

From the autos, we move on to things I do collect - namely Reds!  David sent me a couple of Johnny Bench cards - one is this Gypsy Queen card which I happen to like quite a bit.

The one thing I don't get about this year's Gypsy Queen is why the neon colored backs?  Weird to me, is it some sort of throwback to an old set that I'm unaware of?  I will say, the more Gypsy Queen cards that I get, the more I want to collect the set.  That's a dangerous thing to start thinking about, especially with Allen & Ginter around the corner.

The next Bench is much smaller - and a sticker!  Along with Bench is a Reds logo (plus a logo of some team from the other league)...

Rounding out this post is a few of the oddballs sent me way.  A Pete Rose Baseball tattoo wrapper?


A woman in baseball who played in the late 40s?


A Squirt card?


Great stuff - and sometimes getting a package full of random stuff is a lot of fun - not every envelope has to knock off cards from my want list!  What's even better is that I STILL haven't even gotten to my favorite cards in the package!  Stay tuned to the blog for more goodies from David coming up!


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