Saturday, June 15, 2013

Delivery Time! An Autographed Card (of me?!) Woah!

I've mentioned it on the blog before, but I'm active in a fantasy baseball league called SloCon.  In fact, you can see that I even link to the league from my blog (makes for easy checking on my team)!  Anyhow, the league commissioner is a guy named Ryan (who you may recall sent me an awesome trade package a few months ago).  Well, Ryan may not have managed to best his previous trade package, but he came close with the latest.

Before I get to that though, I have to explain.  The entire SloCon league is extremely active - so much so that simply having a champion at the end of the year isn't nearly enough.  Sometimes Ryan holds a week long "stat" contest - basically he picks a certain statistic (like saves, wins, or home runs) and then whichever team does best in the given statistic for the week wins some sort of prize from Ryan.  It's a generous offer to be sure - and something that adds a bit of fun to the daily grind that is fantasy baseball.

The stat category from a few weeks ago was team batting average which I happened to win.  My prize?

Well, it began with this Johnny Cueto rookie card which is appreciated.

But the real prize was this:

Yep - my own card, made by Ryan.  I'm not exactly sure what he has planned for the card (he sent me a bunch with specific instructions to return a certain number back to him).  He also sent me a sneak peek at some of his other cards he's made for other league members but I won't show those off for fear of ruining any surprises that he might have in store.

I haven't quite yet decided what I want to do with my extra copies of my "autographed" card (Ryan even sent me a pen to do the signing with).  I should have made a scan of the card before signed 'em all but I wasn't smart enough to think that far ahead!  As for the cards, I know I'll be keeping one copy for myself for sure, but the others?  I dunno yet.  I kind of want to keep them all but that seems a bit egotistical, doesn't it?

The card stock Ryan used is extremely thick - much higher quality than the thin stock Topps has been using lately.  In fact, think "relic thickness" in terms of the card stock.  And, in a final neat twist, Ryan even included serial numbering on the back of the card.

Luckily, the back of the card doesn't include statistics...since the only sport I'm currently playing is softball during which I'm hitting a respectable 0.545 but all my hits have been of the singles variety (with a couple walks thrown in).  That certainly wouldn't be the most exciting bunch of statistics now would it?!

Once again, a big thanks to Ryan for making the league so much fun - now if only my team could pass his and regain second place...


P-town Tom said...

I love the crisp signature and the '89 Fleer design was a good choice on his part.

Fuji said...

That custom card is awesome. Great design & hard signed... doesn't get much better than that.

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