Monday, August 05, 2013

PWE Week: A Smattering of Barry Larkin Cards

Welcome to PWE Week (again).  I hosted a PWE Week last year on the blog and since I've accumulated so many PWEs once again, I figured it was time for the feature to return to the 'ol blog.  Speaking of features on the blog, I've done a bit of housekeeping over the past few days.

Some new things to notice:

1.  I've added 2013 Topps Gypys Queen to my For Trade page (you can find all my cards available for trade by using the drop down menus at the top of the blog).
2.  I've updated the rolling images that greet you if you click on my blog (rather than a specific article).  One is simply a small tweak to the old PWE image but the other is advertising the fact that I'll be doing a countdown of the best cards in the 2005 UD Past Time Pennants in November of this year.  Yes, I've planned that far ahead - I even have the first week of November's posts written.  Why November you ask?  Well, I figured I wouldn't have time to get the posts down in September and I wanted a month with exactly 30 days (the UD Past Time Pennants set has 90 cards which means I can do three cards a day for the entire month).
3.  I've updated my want list once again.
4.  Finally, I added another small logo to allow easy access to my 1889 Allen & Ginter American Fish set.  I figured it was time since I'm now almost halfway done with the full set!  I will say this:  my blog would be a lot better looking if I had any sort of artistic ability and/or ability to do anything remotely clever with GIMP (the program that I use to do all of my images).

Now, on to the first (of many) white envelopes...

Today's envelope comes from a Listia seller in Tennessee.  I've had fairly good luck with both buying and selling on Listia.  I tend to list all my cards for 499 credits (free shipping) and then use any proceeds to land cards I want (and, once in awhile, LEGO stuff).  One of my latest purchases was this quartet of Barry Larkin cards.

We begin with a 1987 Topps Larkin rookie card.  I have this card about 10 times over - it was not one that I particularly needed another copy of...

Next, a 1998 Stadium Club card.  1998 was one of a few "dead years" for me in terms of collecting.  I didn't buy much from that era of cards - so this one is appreciated.  I might have it though I'd have to check my box of Larkins that are still waiting to be added to my Larkin Collection.

While the first two Larkins weren't necessary to add to my collection, I bid on the lot of cards for the second two cards beginning with this 1994 Leaf Limited card.

I had no idea this set even existed back in '94...but it's a nice looking card (the scan does it no justice whatsoever).

And finally, the card that caught my eye originally:

That's a 2000 Pacific Aurora card - nothing special there except for the fact that this is one of the alternate back short prints.  I had the regular version of this card but was lacking the short print.  In fact, had it not been for me busting a box of this product awhile back, I would never have known that this version of the card even existed.  You have to love 2000s era cards (or not)!

That's a good way to start the PWE week for 2013.  There's still quite a stack of envelopes waiting for me to scan so stay tuned for more goodies (and they aren't all Larkin cards, I promise)!


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