Friday, September 13, 2013

A Quick Blaster Break - Just for Kicks (Pt. 2)

This is the second part of a 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions blaster that I've had sitting around unopened for much, much too long.  The first four packs produced some hideous cards - but there were also a few gems within the packs.  What will the next few packs give us?  Before we find out, I will remind you once again to check out my upcoming group break.  As of the time I wrote this post, there were a few open spots remaining!

Pack 5:
4.  Hakeem Olajuwon
19.  Dan Marino
99.  Barry Sanders

186.  Camille Pissarro

The Barry Sanders card is creepy as all get out.  I think I'll have nightmares having seen that card peeking out from the pack!  The Pissarro is much better, even if his painting looks like a door to nowhere.  It is kind of fun to get a painter in a pack of baseball cards - much better than a golfer if you ask me!

Pack 6:
11.  Dawn Harper
14.  Martin Laird
61.  Matteo Manassero
Lady Luck mini:  37.  Jeanette Lee

Two golfers, a hurdler, and a Billiard Lady Luck mini.  I can't say that was a good pack...stupid golf.

Pack 7:
36.  Eric Lindros
52.  Robert Griffin III
74.  Brett Hull
168.  Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd was a criminal who was killed in an Ohio apple orchard in a gun battle with law enforcement.  I'm not sure what to think about that other than I like learning from my baseball cards!

Pack 8:
67.  Mia Hamm
137.  Blaine Gabbert
111.  Bill Haas

Mini:  119.  Mario Lemieux

I'm guessing there are people out there who would like the mini Mario.  It's a pretty nice card - much better than a lot of the images in the set.  This pack had yet another golfer - must be golfers have a low fee that they charge companies to include them in a set of cards.  Otherwise, I don't get Upper Deck's fascination with golf!

The blaster contained 12 packs so there's one more post and we'll have the blaster finished off.  I think the set is actually pretty cool - I'll have to see if I end up anywhere near close enough to consider trying to collect the set.  If I don't, I'm not sure how I'll unload all these cards of golfers!


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Pissarro shares a birthday with Andre Dawson. If you'd like a quick look at a few of his paintings check it out,

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