Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Quick Blaster Break - Just for Kicks (Pt. 1)

As you hopefully know, I'm hosting another group break (consisting of seven boxes).  The break has sign-ups currently going on (and there are plenty of good teams remaining as of the time I wrote this post).  Please check it out - two teams from seven boxes for the price of a blaster + tax.  Not bad at all!

Speaking of blasters, I've had a pair of 2012 Goodwin Champions blasters sitting by my desk for quite some time now.  Initially, I thought I would add them in to a group break but then I decided I shouldn't since most of the cards from that set seem to be of the non-baseball type.  Plus, since Upper Deck was a bad, bad company they can't use logos (which would make assigning a guy like Nolan Ryan pretty difficult since I wouldn't know which team to assign him to).

The end result is that I have two blasters to open up for myself!  I haven't opened any cards up since Allen & Ginter's release last month so I figure I'm due for some new stuff for me!  Let's dig into the blaster (and remember - sign up for my group break).

Pack 1:
5.  Magic Johnson
25.  Sam Thompson

53.  Lou Brock
Mini:  95.  Me'Lisa Barber/Mikele Barber

One pack into the first blaster I can make two observations:
1.  I want to like this set.  It's printed on actual cardboard stock (no gloss or foil) which I like.
2.  The images are mostly hideous - at least if this pack is any indication.  Also, the minis aren't doing it for me (why are the borders on the minis yellow and not black like the base cards)?  Weird.

Pack 2:
60.  Steve Strickler

93.  Arnold Palmer
134.  Dustin Johnson
139.  Shoeless Joe Jackson

Here's a good way to make me not like your product.  Give me a pack of four cards and make three of them freakin' golfers.  Terrible.  On the other hand, the Strickler card has a cool scoreboard shot which I actually like quite a bit!

Pack 3:
102.  Mike Tyson
126.  Larry Johnson
138.  Sam Cassell
153.  Ross Youngs

The Ross Youngs card is my favorite card of the blaster thus far - an old school baseball dude standing in a forest.  I've mentioned it before that I like cards with greenery on 'em and this has it in spades.

Pack 4:
21.  Jozy Altidore

85.  Luc Robitaille
97.  Fred Couples
Mini:  101.  Ryne Sandberg

The good news in pack 4 was that the mini was a baseball player (and a good one to boot)!  However, my favorite card in this pack is definitely the Altidore.  I'm a huge fan of boats and water (along with trees on my baseball cards) so between teh Altidore and the Youngs card from the last pack, I'm quite happy with my base cards!

The blaster contains 12 packs - due to the number of scans, I think I'll stop here and continue with the rest of the blaster in a later post.  You can thank me for not slowing down your page load speed any more!

PS:  Sign up for my group break!


Need More Cardboard said...

I opened a blaster of '12 Goodwin Champions last week and was quite underwhelmed. The cardboard stock is nice but...I dunno, it just wasn't a very exciting product for me. It was free though so whatevs.

night owl said...

There is just no way I'd ever open a box of this willingly.

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