Thursday, October 10, 2013

Want List Whittling!

During the group break, I mentioned that I had fallen behind in terms of posting trade packages that I had received.  I aim to rectify that situation over the next few days.  I also have cards set aside for a number of people that I need to either A) mail or B) get back in touch with the person to see if the tentative trade we had agreed to is still on.  That's next on my to-do list, but for now, let's open up another trade package that I have successfully completed!

Today's package is courtesy of Patrick (who I don't think has a blog - correct me if I'm wrong Patrick)!  Anyhow, I sent Patrick a large stack of Gypsy Queen (both base and inserts).  In return, Patrick helped me out with both Gypsy Queen and Topps Archives.  After all, I'm still working on both of those sets so any help is always appreciated!

First up, a few GQ base cards - four to be exact.  My favorite of the four wasn't an easy selection because there was a Mike Leake card (as a Red) which I liked...but I had to give the nod to this great photo of Alex Gordon of the Royals.

Patrick also sent me a Jered Weaver Dealing Aces insert card.

My Dealing Aces set is oh-so-close to being complete - I only need three more!  If you happen to have any of the following:  CC, CK, or YD, I'd love to work out a swap.  Help me finish this set off before Christmas!

Speaking of sets that I need help with, I decided to go after the framed white parallels from this year's Gypsy Queen set as well - Patrick had a few he was able to send my way including this Jacoby Ellsbury beauty.

I love the framed set - enough that I wish Topps would make next year's Gypsy Queen all framed (maybe with different colored parallels since Topps finds that to be a necessity in any modern set).

Moving away from Gypsy Queen, Patrick also helped out a bit with my Topps Archives set.  He sent me three of the All-Star inserts...

...which means I am now only missing eight:  BP, CR, DE, DS, GB, GC, PM, SS.  Again, any help is appreciated (nothing like constant begging from me, right?).

The final two cards in the trade package were also from Topps Archives.

The first was a short print - one of the many pesky short prints in the set!

At least I can now say I own Dave Lopes reprint card...and with that, inch ever-so-slightly closer to completing the full base set.  Unfortunately, I still need too many more short prints to consider completing the set a realistic goal - but if you have any to spare I'd happy trade for them in an effort to whittle my want list down a bit further.

The final card isn't so much a card - it's actually four stickers!

Yep, a bunch of young stars - at least, I'm guessing that's the theme of the card.  As with the other insert sets in Topps Archives, I'm close to completing the sticker set as well - only four sticker cards still elude me.

Thanks for the great trade Patrick - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!  I'm ready to get back into the swing of trading - and prompt trade package posting in the next few days and weeks.  Let's see if we can't help each other complete some of the 2013 sets before 2014 rolls around.  If you didn't know, I have a a list of 2013 Topps for trade, 2013 Gypsy Queen for trade, and 2013 Allen & Ginter for trade.  Hopefully there's something there that will catch your eye!


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