Sunday, November 03, 2013

Butchering Mr. Good & Evil

It's time to return to my countdown of my six favorite collectible LEGO minifigures from a recent eBay purchase that I made.  I showed off numbers 6 and 5 last Monday and then numbers 4 and 3 last Wednesday.  At this point, it's time to look at my two favorite figures from the purchase!

#2:  Butcher (Series 6):

The 6th series of the collectible minifigures was quite strong in my opinion.  In fact, besides the Butcher (which I really like), there is a Statue of Liberty figure, a gangster, a robot, a minotaur, a leprechaun, a doctor, and a roman soldier - not to mention a genie with a lamp (all of which I like quite a lot)!  Even the weaker figures in the series are still quite solid - something that isn't true for all collectible series.

As for the butcher himself, he comes with a nicely printed torso (the apron is perfect) and the bow-tie is a nice touch!  He also comes with a butcher knife and huge hunk of meat that he's presumably chopping up.  If I were to ever create my own personal LEGO town, I could see having a few of these figures in a grocery store section - or maybe even in their own personal butcher shop.  Either way, it'd be a great addition to the town - or in my case, a great addition to my growing LEGO minifigure collection.

#1:  Mr. Good and Evil (Series 9):

My favorite figure in the bunch is a figure that would have been perfect to show off on Halloween.  Unfortunately, I didn't think that far ahead so you get to see it in early November (oh well).

The figure itself is great for two reasons.  One, I love the chemistry flask with a mysterious substance in it.  Two, I love how LEGO successfully made the figure's "good" side and "evil" side apparent.  On the one side, Mr. Good and Evil's suit is perfectly pressed and his hat pristine.  On the other side, his suit is torn, his hat ripped, and even his skin color has changed from a healthy LEGO yellow to a sickly green.  Good stuff - and certainly a unique figure to add to my collection!

To end the countdown, here's the entire purchase:

Too bad I can't buy the figures at the same rate that LEGO seems to be pumping out the various collectible minifigure series.  I've only successfully complete a couple of the different series - and others (like Series 1 of which I own exactly zero figures) are a long, long way from completion.


Ana Lu said...

I confess I was not expecting you would chose Mr. Good and Evil to be #1.
Maybe I don't like it that much because I got so much dups of it. Once bought 5 packs and 3 of them were Mr. Good and Evil.

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