Saturday, November 16, 2013

Opening Four Packs: Anything Good?

The other day I found myself in Wal*Mart so I did what I always do.  First, I went to the card aisle.  While there, I saw the lady who restocks the aisle, but unfortunately for me she was only just beginning her duties.  In fact, she hadn't yet opened the two large cardboard boxes (presumably full of new items).  Instead, she was reorganizing the various gaming cards (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, etc.).

Since I did need to get on with my chores (the "real" reason I was in Wal*Mart), I didn't stick around to see what goodies the restocking lady had.  Instead, I walked back to the toys section.  I've been looking for Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 11 blind packs at my Wal*Mart for a few months now and I haven't a bit of luck.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Wal*Mart had a hanging shelf of packs!

Unfortunately for me, there weren't many packs left - and it was fairly obvious that someone had already gone through and tried to pick out the good ones.  Of course, what's a "good figure" to one person might not be to another - and I figured if the person was only trying to grab the rare figures I'd still have a decent shot at getting something I needed since I was missing 11 out of the 16 figures.

With Christmas coming, I knew I couldn't spend much on myself so I limited myself to four blind packs ($2.97 each).  I figured for a bit more than half a blaster, I wasn't going too crazy.  The first blind pack that I opened contained a figure I needed - the Mountain Climber.

As you can see, the Mountain Climber is pretty cool.  He comes with a pickaxe (which seems a bit too large to be actually useful when scaling a mountain) and a coil of rope.  He also has a helmet and a nice face (complete with printed on glasses).  I also like the printing on his legs and torso though there's nothing of note on the backside of the figure.

I was happy to start of one-for-one in terms of figures that I needed, but pack 2 brought bad news.  I ended up with the Constable (a duplicate).  I didn't bother assembling the figure thinking I might be able to trade it away (thus, no photos).  The third pack?  Another Constable.


So all of the sudden I went from one-for-one to one-for-three in terms of needed figures.  Luckily, the fourth and final pack brought me one of my most wanted figures from the entire series (and thus saving the purchase in my eyes).  Yep, it's the Yeti!

The Yeti is hilarious with his yellow teeth, big bushy hair, and Popsicle.

The backside of the Yeti doesn't have anything of note either but that's ok.  The furry head piece goes so far down the Yeti's back that additional printing isn't really necessary.

In the end, I got two new figures (out of four packs) but the two duplicates ended up being the same.  Should anyone be interested in the Constable, I have some for trade!  My full list of the figures that I need (from all 11 series) can be found here.

PS:  I know that this post belongs on my Legend of LEGO blog but I'm still working on driving visitors to that site.  I know there is a surprising (to me anyhow) amount of crossover between baseball card collectors and LEGO enthusiasts so I'm posting on Nachos Grande too.


Comatoad said...

Our local Barnes and Noble bookstores carry the lego miniatures. I boughy my wife one a while ago and she got a cowboy in hers. I think they run about $3.50 or so.

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