Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cleaning Up my Mess! (Another Mail Day Delivery Time!)

The other day I "showed off" the disaster area that surrounds my desk.  Tonight, I figured it'd be a good idea to try and get some of that mess organized.  What better way to do that to have a trade post?

Tonight's lucky package to be posted is comes all the way from Alaska thanks to Mark over at Collector's Crack.  Mark and I recently completed a three-for-three trade.  That is, he sent me three LEGO minifigures that I needed and I sent him three that he needed.

This is a great arrangement because we both got some we needed - and we both cleared out some of our duplicates.  I really need to get a full list of all my extras typed up so that I can (hopefully) complete similar trades with other blog readers!

Anyhow, each of the figures will get their own chance to shine over at my LEGO-centric blog, but for now I just wanted to show 'em off here.  Plus, two of the three figures were in my "must have" category for the series!

First up, the only one that wasn't in my must have - but one that I liked.  The Gingerbread Man.

His mug says "Dunk Me".  Isn't that cute?

Next, the Scarecrow.

This is an awesome figure - and one of the ones that I definitely wanted to acquire as soon as I saw it.  Maybe someday when I become rich and have too much money and not enough brains, I'll try my hand at creating my own LEGO layout - and you better believe it will have a farm complete with the scarecrow!

Finally, my most wanted figure from this series - the Bavarian Girl.

I'm a huge fan of all things German which includes pretzels!  I've had the opportunity to visit Germany on two different occasions and I'd go back in heartbeat should I ever get a third chance!  This little gal will go perfectly with my Bavarian Guy from a few series ago.

Thanks for the great trade Mark!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade baseball cards (or LEGO) check out my various want lists (baseball cards or LEGO) and make an offer!


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