Friday, January 17, 2014

Wha, Wha, What Happened?!

Two weeks ago to the day, I was fully prepared for the start of the new school semester.  I was also nearly caught up on posting trade packages...and in mailing out my share of trade packages.

Flash forward a mere two weeks and you get this:

Whhhaaaaaaaaaat happpeeennneeedddd?!?!?

This is the pile that sits right next to my desk (much to my wife's chagrin I might add).  I really need to get that pile cleaned up and gone - but there's so much that's piled up now.

You've got a box full of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter base cards that I'd love to get rid of but can't.

You've got no fewer than five padded mailers of trades that have arrived in my mailbox.

You've got four PWEs that I still haven't posted as well.

That black binder?  Yep, another mail day item that I haven't yet posted!

There's also three magazines that I haven't yet had the opportunity to look at.

And then there's one of my FOUR school binders - this one for a class in which I have exactly zero lessons ready to go for next week (and beyond).

That Graph Theory book?  I'm giving a colloquium next Tuesday at my college and I need to prepare...that's one of quite a few sources that I need to look through still.

There's a MAA (Mathematical Association of America) form that I really ought to mail in...but the membership cost is prohibitive for me so I've been slacking.

There's a fantasy baseball league form to be mailed in that I also pushed off until after the holidays.

There's a school board opening notice from the local paper - something that I spent a full evening working on only to decide to NOT apply in the end because I was already being inundated with phone calls (and a not-so-transparent threat of sorts).

There's a stapler - which is only there because it won't fit on my desk right now.

There's probably more there - but I'm scared to even look.

I guess that means I should stop writing blog entries and instead start clearing out my desk area.  I promise this weekend that I'll do a better job at both writing trade posts AND packing up trade packages.  I hope to have a fun day at the post office (well, fun for the USPS's coffers anyhow) in the near future with a big 'ol mail day.  Until then, well, ...  what's wrong with opening one more pack (or two)?

(stay tuned)


Need More Cardboard said...

The Ginter boxes made me excited, as they are apt to do on sight. But then I saw the Graph Theory book and immediately zoned out and started drawing pictures in my notebook and making out potential fantasy team lineups.

P-town Tom said...

I should introduce my pile to your pile. I think they would hit it off.

Man, school/work really can be a drain on our hobbies. Life. Hmph. Getting in the way.

Fuji said...

Have fun! I'm in the same boat... except my whole office is in shambles. I've got stuff for my classroom all over the place... and hobby related items everywhere else. I told myself as soon as I got home from the flea market this morning that I'd clean. So what am I doing? Catching up on reading blog posts and watching football. I guess there's always tomorrow.

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