Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome or "How About We Combine a Few More Brands Topps?"

I opened one pack already from the 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome box (and isn't that a mouthful of a brand to say three times fast)?   Before we get to the next few packs, let me take a moment to thank once again our group break sponsor:  Baseball Card Exchange.  The good folks over at Baseball Card Exchange have a great selection of fun boxes to open (and if you see any you'd like to see part of a future group break be sure to let me know)!  They also ship incredibly quickly (and securely) which I appreciate!

Now, it's time for the next three packs!  Good luck to all group break participants as we now begin to ramp up the group break pack opening rate!

Pack 02:
24.  Wade Boggs - Rays
129.  Bill Spiers - Astros
This card didn't scan well but it looks really, really cool in person.  You'll have to trust me I guess.
I think the Spiers is my favorite card of the pack - and it looks extra cool in chrome!
139.  Kris Benson - Pirates
146.  Russ Davis - Giants
178.  Jay Bell - Diamondbacks

Pack 03:
49.  Rico Brogna - Phillies

Another great action shot.  Next time someone should yell "got it!"
82.  Todd Hundley - Dodgers
93.  John Olerud - Mariners
153.  Carlos Delgado - Blue Jays
173.  Mark Kotsay - Marlins

Pack 04:
22.  Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
62.  Andy Ashby - Phillies
195. Dean Palmer - Tigers
214.  Corey Patterson - Cubs
EG7.  Eyes of the Game:  Tony Gwynn - Padres

The Eyes of the Game inserts are seeded 1:16 packs!  This particular insert set is printed on clear plastic and I have to admit, they look pretty cool in person.  They are also textured a bit (they are sort of like a higher grade Topps Tek card actually)!  Congrats to Cards from the Quarry for landing this beauty of a card!


CaptKirk42 said...

Wow that Gwynn "Eyes of the Game" is a sweet card. In doing a little research it is only a 10 card insert subset. Nice looking cards wish they had included all the teams. I think I'll try to build that insert set, even though some of the players I don't like and can't stand. :) There also seems to be a refractor version of these. Congrats to Cards from the Quarry on this pull.

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