Monday, February 10, 2014

A Dozen Larkin Cards For Me - And a Dozen for Joseph! A Top 10 List!

Editor's Note:  I hope to begin the opening of the group break boxes later tonight.  If I am able to get a few packs opened, you might even see a late night group break post out of me.  Otherwise, I'm hopefully that tomorrow the break will start up in earnest.  Many thanks to all that joined - it should be a lot of fun!

One of the biggest personal benefits that I get from my blog is a lot of exposure for my Barry Larkin Collection.  In fact, my collection has even gained the attention of non-baseball card bloggers - so much so that I was lucky enough to be interviewed for an article in Sports Market Report's Barry Larkin Hall of Fame Issue a couple of years ago!

Thanks to that article - and plenty of assorted Google searches, plenty of Reds' collectors (and specifically, Barry Larkin Collectors) now visit my blog.  One such collector is Joseph who recently offered me a twelve-for-twelve Larkin trade!

The idea here was that I had a dozen cards he needed and he had a dozen I needed.  Unfortunately, my own records of what Larkin cards I own are no where near complete - I've been slowly updating my online collection on my blog but otherwise I have no master list.  As such, a few of the cards I requested from Joseph ended up being duplicates for me (which I only realized upon receipt of the cards) - oh well!

Anyhow, since there were a dozen cards in the trade package, it makes for a nice Top 10 List opportunity!  Let's count 'em down!

(In case you are wondering, the two that didn't make the Top 10 list were a 1999 Topps and a 1999 Upper Deck MVP card - both of which I definitely already own - whoops)!

#10:  2003 Fleer Ultra

I generally like Fleer Ultra a lot - though for whatever reason this design never interested me much.  I think it's because the blocky design at the bottom reminds me too much of Communist era architecture.

Image source:

#9:  1996 Topps Finest

I'm pretty sure this is another card that I already owned.  If nothing else, this trade proved to me once and for all that I definitely need to at least make a Word document listing all the Larkin cards that I currently own...the online collection is nice but that's a slow go in terms of updating!

#8:  1995 Upper Deck SP

Of all the cards that I've purchased over the years, I've never opened a single pack of Upper Deck SP from any year.  In fact, I don't even really know what the SP brand is all about - is it just a "fancier" version of the regular Upper Deck set?  This card is alright - but with all the foil on the left it's a bit jarring to not see the player name and team name in foil on the bottom right corner.  I actually prefer less foil on my cards, but it's still weird to see!

#7:  1994 Select

I like the clouds in the background of this card.  This is actually an insert card from the '94 set - and much like Upper Deck's SP line, I don't know a lot of Score's Select line.  I did get a few packs of 1993 Score Select in my Easter basket as a kid though - I distinctly remember waking up early and opening the packs before anyone else was awake!

#6:  1994 Upper Deck SP

There's that pesky SP line again!  This particular card is printed on foil board - and while I don't generally like foil I think this design works better than the '95 set.  This is also a set that Upper Deck later would rip-off in their Upper Deck Timeline set.

#5:  2001 Upper Deck Ovation

The early 00s were a dead period for me in terms of collecting.  I was a senior in high school in 2001 so my mind was firmly on things outside of the world of sports cards.  This particular card is embossed which was a big thing around the turn of the century (why though, I don't think I'll ever know).

#4:  2001 Kahn's

I think this is a Kahn's card - but I might be wrong since there isn't any brand marking on it that I could find (which is sort of weird in and of itself).  It's definitely an "odd ball" Larkin though - and I like odd balls a lot!

#3:  2001 Donruss Classics

I wouldn't normally put a card this grey this high on a Top 10 list - but for some reason this particular design is classy enough to warrant a high place in my countdown.  It's definitely classier than the next two cards on the list...but sometimes flashy wins out!

#2:  1996 Upper Deck SPx

I already mentioned that I know very little about the Upper Deck SP you can imagine that I know basically nothing about the SPx line (except that it's spelled differently).  This is a fun little hologram card - reminds me of a Dennys card from the mid-90s except that it's die-cut and much, much thicker (it feels like a high quality card).

#1:  1998 Pinnacle

This is also a die-cut card (must be a theme of the day here) - though the only cutting is a wave on the right hand side of the card.  This is also the second card in the trade with clouds in the background (another theme of the day I guess).

And that's why I love this blog - so many great Larkin cards that now reside in my collection!

Thanks for the great trade Joseph - and if anyone else wants to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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