Monday, September 17, 2012

Probably the Best Piece in My Barry Larkin Collection!

My loyal readers are probably well aware that the one player that I actively collect is Barry Larkin.  Heck, I have an entire page devoted to my collection (really only a small sampling of my collection - it's a work in progress to be sure).

That said, for now all I have done is highlight the various cards that I own that depict Larkin.  Sure, I've shown off some oddball cards (like this 6 of clubs from a deck of cards), but even those are still technically cards.  Today, I want to show off what is probably the coolest piece in my collection, at least on a personal level.

Yep, a magazine.

No, it's not autographed.  No, it didn't come with some sort of sweet Larkin promo piece or even a poster.

It's special for a completely different reason!  It's special because the author of the article about Barry Larkin actually contacted me via my blog and interviewed me for the magazine.  I'm in the Barry Larkin Hall of Fame edition of the Sports Market Report.  As a Barry Larkin collector, that's simply awesome.

Even better, as you can see from the brief bit that I scanned, my blog even got a shout out in Larkin's issue!  Admittedly, I sound like much more of a "fan" than the other couple of collectors that were interviewed for the same story (but those collectors were about the graded cards whereas I am clearly not about graded cards at all)!  The interview actually happened about six months ago or so but the article finally was printed in the September issue of Sports Market Report.

It's probably not a huge deal to anyone else, but when it comes to neat mementos for a collection, you can't beat being interviewed for an issue celebrating your favorite player's career!  You better believe this issue of the magazine will be stored with the rest of my Larkin cards in my binder!


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Very cool, congrats!

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That's awesome!

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Yeah, that's beyond awesome!

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That is so cool Chris

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