Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Baseball's Casanova: I Knew I Liked It from the Moment I Saw It!

Note:  I posted a group break tease last night - and if you happen to catch this post before 10:00 AM EST then you can get an early jump on team claiming.  If not, the actual official team sign-up page goes live at 4:00 PM EST today!  Make sure you come back and check it out - five boxes full of awesome!!


The 1998 Fleer Tradition box is nearing the end - only 12 packs remain.  Here's two more to get us going on this snowy Wednesday morning.

Pack 25:
361.  Chris Widger

Best photo in the pack!
443.  Pedro Astacio
449.  Dmitri Young
459.  Walt Weiss
462.  Quinton McCracken
524.  Josh Booty
558.  Mike Lowell

Another great card, but not quite as great as the Widger.  Still, I would have been happy with this pack with either card...getting both was twice as nice!
567.  Jon Nunnally
583.  Unforgettable Moments:  Ben Grieve
Vintage '63:  85.  Albert Belle - White Sox
Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Jay Buhner

Pack 26:
392.  Mike Lansing
412.  Mike Stanley
415.  Bradon Lopper
418.  Roger Cedeno
442.  Russ Ortiz
492.  Carlos Baerga
516.  John Mabry
519.  Raul Casanova

I can't explain why I like this card - I just do and I knew it from the moment I saw it.  Maybe it has something to do with Casanova's name - easy to fall in love with I guess.  
566.  Tom Glavine
Vintage '63:  Denny Neagle - Braves
Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Jay Buhner (again)

A couple more nice cards for my set.  Unfortunately, there were also four more duplicates.  However, my set is nearing completion so some duplicates are to be expected...  We shall see what the final 10 packs - at least one more Promising Forecast card should be there...who knows what else!


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