Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Nachos Grande Group Break Teaser! (Plus Early Sign-Ups)

As I hinted at in the last few posts, it's time for me to host my first group break of 2014.  The OFFICIAL SIGN-UPS will go live on 2/5/14 at 4:00 PM EST so mark your calendars.  However, I have a special offer for those who want to participate now.

Until 10:00 AM EST on 2/5/14, you may CLAIM any team (other than the Reds which I have) for the group break.  In order to do so, you MUST first leave a comment on this post stating what team(s) you want and then send payment to me.  The cost of the break is $25.00 per team (price includes shipping to the US - international shipping will be higher, please contact me first).

Note:  ANY teams claimed on this post BUT NOT PAID IN FULL by noon (12:00 EST) on 2/5/14 will be considered unclaimed when the official sign-up page goes live.  If you claim early, you must pay early!

In order to sign up for the break, you need to complete three simple steps.

1.  Claim your team(s) by first leaving a comment on this post stating which team(s) you are claiming.
2.  Submit your payment via PayPal (please mark as gift and include no other information on the PayPal payment).  Please send payment to fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please note that both "fanofreds" and "auctions" are plural in my email address!
3.  Email me (same address as in step 2) an email with:

  • Your user name you used to claim your team(s)
  • Your email address from which you sent PayPal payment
  • Your mailing address for where you would like your cards sent at the completion of the break.

Once you have successfully completed all three steps, I will update the available teams list on the official sign up page to show that you are paid and successfully in the break!  I ask that you include all the information in your email even if you've traded with me in the past (or participated in past group breaks) - it saves me a lot of time and helps me make sure your package is packed and shipped in an expedited way!

Finally, so that you aren't totally claiming in the dark - I will tell you a few things about the group break.

1.  The break will consist of 5 boxes.
2.  If you are terrible at picking teams it might work out for you anyhow!
3.  I will provide a single "teaser" image of sorts - all five boxes are accounted for in the image - can you figure out what's in the break?  Full details will be made during the official sign-ups tomorrow.


Chris said...

I am in the mood for some Randy Johnson cards. I am thinking the Mariners or Diamondbacks based on Googling some of the logos in the teaser, but I think I will roll the dice and claim...

The Mariners!

View From the Skybox said...

I see some '99 Topps Tek, Stadium Club Chrome, Stadium Club, and Fleer Flair.... and Topps Gallery. No idea on the years, but my late 90's fetish alarm is ringing!

The Junior Junkie said...


RAZ said...

I would be willing to do some kind of deal that would give you the Griffey cards you desire, Junior Junkie.

The Junior Junkie said...

I figured we would end up doing that. Just being dramatic. :-)

I do have a bunch of Randy Johnson cards available...

CaptKirk42 said...

Saw this last night was going to jump in but want to see box list first.

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