Sunday, April 13, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 263: 1993 Classic - #T52

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Classic
Card number:  T52

Classic returned in 1993 with an updated design that was similar to the '92 set but improved in (almost) every facet.  The patriotic ribbon at the top of the 1992 set was replaced with the logo in the '93 set.  Personally, I find the patriotic theme used in so many card designs to be completely overplayed...especially since Canada has had at least one team for quite some time...and basically every MLB team now is made up of players from all over the globe, not just white-blooded 'muricans.

But I digress.

Classic also placed the photo in a proper frame (as opposed to the "action frame" idea that they used in the previous year where part of foot extended over the edge of the frame for some inexplicable reason).  Finally, the back of the 1993 set is helped by the inclusion of the Reds' logo!  Unfortunately, while the team logo is great the rest of the back of the card is a messy step backwards from the 1992 set.  I find the '93 set to be difficult to read...and the string of assorted logos at the bottom is annoying (though that feature was also present in the 1992 set as well).  Even worse, the trivia (which is the supposed draw of the Classic sets) is boring - and it is basically impossible to read the questions to yourself without seeing the answers directly below the question (I found the older Classic question layout - like this one - to be easier to stop at the end of the sentence and not spoil the answer when reading the questions to myself).

In the end, I don't think anyone actually collects Classic so there's really no point in being too critical.  The cards are what they are - glorified game cards.  And, to be fair, they are better than most game cards (some of the Topps Attax sets come to mind as something much worse).


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