Sunday, June 01, 2014

Digging into the Box IX: Three More Sets that I Know Very Little About

With my vacation and then work meetings away from home, it's been awhile since I've been able to simply sit back and sort baseball cards.  This weekend, however, allowed me a bit of time to do exactly that - and so I return to the giant box of cards that my brother gave me (I'm still on my first of what is now four different huge boxes of cards).  Since I obviously have a lot of sorting ahead of me, let's get it going!

Today, I decided to take a look at three stacks of cards - one each from three different sets (and none of the three sets did I ever buy cards from myself).

First up, 2012 Elite Extra Edition.

This is a Panini set (something I've basically avoided in my own purchasing) - and with it comes a lot of Photoshopping out of team logos.  Not all the cards are as goofy looking as the Muren - but all but one player in the ~65 card stack was foreign to me.  The lone player I had heard of?

Yep, a freakin' Cardinal.

Let's remove the Cardinal stink from the post by shifting gears to a set that is decidedly much more friendly to the Reds.  The Pete Rose Living Legend set.

Despite me being a huge Reds fan, I never actually bought any of this set for myself (I did, however, purchase a box of the stuff as part of the Secret Santa program last winter)!  The set itself is kind of cool (even without logos).  There are a bunch of cards where Rose is featured in his uniform (such as the card above this paragraph where he is being acknowledged on "A Day of Tribute to Pete Rose" that happened at the Phillies' Veteran's Stadium.

Other cards in the set are decidedly more goofy - such as this one with Rose sitting in front of what can only be described as some of the ugliest curtains I've ever seen.

The final set for this post is the 2013 Elite Extra Edition set.  The design of the 2012 and 2013 sets are similar to each other - and if you like foilboard you are in all kinds of luck as these are indeed shiny cards!

Other than Mateo, I hadn't heard of any of the players in the 2013 Elite stack either (which is a big reason why I avoid sets like this as well as most things Bowman related).  I like to know my ballplayers, what can I say?

Thanks though (once again) for the big 'ol box of cards brother!  This box is almost completely sorted - then it'll be on to the next three boxes!


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I'd be interested in those elite extras you've got. Email me I you would interested in working something out. Thanks.

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