Monday, June 16, 2014

I Need Your Help: One More Signature to Figure Out!

A couple of days ago I posted a blog entry where I detailed a case of a baseball full of unknown signatures and pleaded for some help from my loyal readers.  Thanks to hiflew, I'm fairly confident that three of the four signatures have been identified - but that still leaves one more unknown signature:

Can anyone help?  For reference, the four signatures are all on the same ball but it certainly appears (to me anyhow) that only three of the signatures were acquired on the same day - notice how the single signature is in ballpoint pen while the trio of signatures on the other side is in some sort of marker or Sharpie.

Anyone have any idea on this one?


Tony L. said...

Might it be Yorkis Perez from the 1993 Harrisburg Senators? It appears to match up reasonably well with other exemplars of his online.

Tony L. said...

I should say 1994 Senators, rather.

hiflew said...

I think he nailed it.

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