Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Reorganization: Step 7: Sorting By Team Begins!

The last time I updated anyone on the state of my Great Reorganization of my baseball card collection was back in May of 2014.  Over the summer, I continued my exercise in organizing...but then in early fall I moved to a new home which pretty much set me back to square one in terms of organizing my collection!

Anyhow, it's time to pick myself back up off the proverbial mat and get back to organizing my collection.  In order to make some headway, I've decided to tackle my boxes (and boxes) full of extra/unwanted cards.  Rather than sorting everything by set and hoping someone is still working on the set I decided to sort all the extras by team.

At the moment, I've only managed to sort through one box full of extra cards but I am pleased to report that almost all 30 big league clubs have a decent size stack of cards that I'd love to get rid of!  The largest stack, by far, is the Reds' pile of extras (which makes sense since many people dump off their Reds on me including multiple copies of the same card)!

While I don't have any definitive plans on how to actually get rid of all my extras, I am pleased to be making some progress.  Hopefully my next reorganization update will happen before another half a year passes me by!


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