Group Break Sign-Ups! Let's FILL THE BREAK!

My latest and greatest group break is all ready to begin - but I still have SIX slots remaining.  Each slot is guaranteed at least one hit (either from the group break boxes or from my personal collection) AND a full small flat rate box filled with cards (and perhaps other team related goodies) for the chosen team slot.  All that for only $30 shipped which should make this a really good deal!!  Please go here to sign-up!

  • Baltimore Orioles 
  • Chicago Cubs 
  • Cleveland Indians 
  • Houston Astros 
  • Milwaukee Brewers & Arizona Diamondbacks 
  • Oakland Athletics 

In addition, since I'm desperate to sell off a few of these slots.  I will do a combined price of $50 for any TWO of the above slots or $75 for any THREE of the above slots.  Want all six slots?  $100 gets it done.  Anyone that opts for one of the combined slot, reduced price options will have their cards mailed in (most likely) a single, larger flat rate box just to I can save a bit on shipping.  Sign up here!


  1. The BREAK IS FULL! Thanks to everyone! I can't wait to get started...if you follow my YouTube Channel you can find videos for the first couple of bonus packs already posted.


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