Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Great Barry Larkin Experiment...Resuscitated at Last!

Back in December of 2013 (yes, 2013), I posted the last Barry Larkin Experiment post.  Since I'm guessing most of you have forgotten about that series, it's time to do a quick explanation.

Basically, I held a vote on my blog to determine the best 64 Barry Larkin cards in my collection (at the time only the first 100 Larkin cards featured in my collection were eligible).  From there, a bracket was born with two cards going at it at a time until eventually a winner is crowned.

Unfortunately, winter 2013 was a pretty dead time in terms of the blogs....readership was down and I wasn't getting any sort of meaningful vote count.  So I gave up on the idea.  I said back then that I would return to the topic eventually...who knew it would take over a year?

I still would like to finish off the bracket - it's fun for me even if it isn't fun for many others...  Let's see if the second time is the charm or if this is an idea that simply needs to be put down for the count.

Today's match-up features 2003 Topps T205 vs. 2001 Topps High Definition (HD).

I happen to like both of these cards a fair bit.  The T205 card has a really nice front (though I do have issues with the back of the card).  It's a card design that will definitely appeal to those who like retro sets.  On the other hand, the Topps HD card is nice for its full-bleed photography, slick presentation, and thick card stock.  It's a card for those who like "new stuff."  The real question is, which card moves on to the next round?  No matter which card wins, I could see either one making a decent run in this tournament!  Make your voice heard by voting in the poll on the right side of my blog (scroll down a bit)!


Dennis said...

Cool that you brought this back, and I'll try to actually vote this time. No question for me it's the Topps HD card as 206 has never done anything for me and HD was actually one of Topps' nicer products.

Billy Kingsley said...

I voted for the T205. I have always been partial to vintage sets, and vintage styled current sets..

Bru said...

HD was a great, and altogether far too short-lived product. Hmm.... (ponders a bit too long)

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