Monday, February 23, 2015

The Great Reorganization: Step 9: The Year-by-Year Sorting Begins!

Back in January, I posted a quick update to my ongoing Great Reorganization.  Since it's been about a month, I owe it to you (and me) to do another such update.  It is my hope that by forcing myself to update everyone on my reorganization attempts that I'll actually accomplish a solid reorganizing of my collection!

To be honest, despite most of the past month being inundated with group break cards, I'm proud of the progress I made on my own collection.

I've managed to sort even more extra/unwanted cards into their appropriate team boxes - and that made packing cards for my last group break so much easier as I used team-specific cards as packing material (and, in some cases, as bonus cards)!  I still have more cards to sort into the above boxes, but it's definitely a good start!

In terms of my year-by-year sorting, thanks to a recent trade involving a boat load of Allen & Ginter, I started with my 2010 cards and have slowly (but steadily) worked my way forward.  I am pleased to say that 2010, 2011, and most of 2012 is completely sorted, organized, and placed in my binders.  In addition, I've updated the appropriate "for trade" posts listing cards I have from some of the sets that I'd love to trade away.

Finally, I have also made more progress in updating, sorting, and cataloging all of my Barry Larkin cards.  I have officially scanned the front and back of every single Barry Larkin card that I own from 1986 through 2000.  Every such Larkin card is also now tucked away in my Barry Larkin Collection binder too.  In addition, I have fully sorted all of my duplicate Larkin cards from the years 1986 - 2000 as well.  This should make trading much easier - I'll know what I need and what I have available at a fairly quick glance!

I will say that through 2000, I have about 180 more Barry Larkin cards that I need to write posts about for the blog - my current list of what I own is in no way complete.  It is, however, complete through 1994.  I've finished a post for every Larkin card that I own from 1986 - if you have from that time period that aren't on my list, please let me know!


Joe Frecker said...

Nice work on the Larkin stuff. I will do some research on the 1994 and before, and e-mail you if I come up with anything you need.

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