Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Last Call: 2015 Topps Heritage Group Break (Combined Slot in an effort to finish filling the break)

Alright, alright - I received notice from Dave & Adams that the group break case of 2015 Topps Heritage shipped today which means I should have it in hand tomorrow!  With that order will also be the box of 2004 Clubhouse Collection - so we should be ready to go tomorrow evening!  That's the good news!

The bad news?

I still have seven unclaimed teams.

  • Diamondbacks
  • Brewers
  • Orioles
  • Angels
  • Athletics
  • Padres
  • Blue Jays

In a last ditch effort to try and make enough money back from the break to cover the cost of the extra box plus (hopefully) shipping everything out, I'm going to offer up one giant slot:

  • Diamondbacks, Brewers, Angels, Athletics, Padres, & Blue Jays for $100

That's six teams for $100 (all but the Orioles as I wouldn't mind having a chance at a Ripken jersey card).  Using the checklist and my work from this post, that means the giant slot of six teams would have a chance at the following:
12 different short prints
PAR-Randy Johnson
PR- Randy Johnson
PR- Ryan Bruan
 LG Luis Gonzalez Jersey
 RA Roberto Alomar Uniform
 RS Richie Sexson Bat
 SF Steve Finley Jersey
 CSC Curt Schilling Jersey
 RY Robin Yount Bat
CCAR-Mike Trout
PCS-Lew Burdette
ROTA-Mike Trout
ROA-Aubrey Gatewood
ROA-Albie Pearson
ROA-Frank Malzone
 TGL Troy Glaus Jersey
 TPE Troy Percival Uniform
 TS Tim Salmon Uniform
 RJ Reggie Jackson Jersey
PAR-Josh Donaldson
ROA-Jim Dickson
 HB Hank Bauer Bat 
 MM Mark Mulder Uniform 
 RHE Rickey Henderson Uniform
 TH Tim Hudson Uniform
 BZ Barry Zito Jersey  
 DE Dennis Eckersley Uniform 
 EC Eric Chavez Uniform 
 JC Jeff Cirillo Bat 
 JCA Joe Carter Jersey 
 RH Ramon Hernandez Jersey
 TGW Tony Gwynn Bat
PAR-Aaron Sanchez
ROA-Aaron Sanchez
 OHU Orlando Hudson Jersey
 VW Vernon Wells Bat
 CD Carlos Delgado Jersey 

That's a pretty good haul of stuff that is possible - including a nice possible mix of current players and retired players.  I will also PROMISE that if someone buys the $100 slot and they don't get at least one hit that I will provide some sort of hit from my own collection for one of the teams.  You can't really lose that way!

If you are interested, go here to sign up.  Payment is due by tomorrow (Thursday, March 4).  Of course, if you'd like to simply buy one of the $50 team slots that's great too.  


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