Monday, April 27, 2015

The Great Reorganization: Step 11: More Year-by-Year Sorting (2001 Edition)

About two weeks ago, I last updated everyone on the status of my Great Reorganization of my baseball card collection.  Today, it's time to take another look at my progress since that point.  I decided to continue organizing my 200x's, this time meaning I would be focusing on 2001.

Unlike the year 2000 in which there were a bunch of sets that interested me but for which I didn't actually own a lot of cards - the year 2001 takes up SIX binders in my collection (heading into the reorganization).

Which sets will make the cut?  Let's find out!

2001 Pacific:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  About 100
Does It Make the Cut?  Yes, for now at least.  I only own around 100 or so of the base cards but this is a set that I happen to like a lot.  I plan to actively seek out a box or two of 2001 Pacific - though I would also be happy to work out a trade if someone has a lot of this stuff lying around.  I definitely need too many cards to put up a full want list at the moment!

2001 Fleer Tradition:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?   About 100
Does It Make the Cut?  Ultimately, no.  Much like the 2001 Pacific set, I like the 2001 Fleer Tradition set a lot despite only owning about 100 cards from the set.  However, I can't possibly collect every set out there - so tough decisions have to be made.  The Fleer Tradition set gets axed basically because it's too much of  rip-off of Topps' designs...and the watercolor-esque "action" image on the card is more annoying than interesting in my eyes.

2001 Topps Stadium Club:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  About 165
Does It Make the Cut?  Yes.  The 2001 Stadium Club set features a lot of awesome photography (as is usual for Stadium Club) and boxes of the stuff are still relatively readily available.  This is another set (along with the aforementioned 2001 Pacific set) that I would love to open up a box of!  I actually just added this set to my want list officially yesterday - go check it out if you so desire!

2001 Fleer Ultra:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  About 90
Does It Make the Cut?  No.  I've always enjoyed the Fleer Ultra line - but the 2001 edition had too much foil for my taste (especially having the entire last name spelled out in big, blocky foil - yuck)!  This set does have a lot of nice photographs but I don't think it's as strong of a set overall as the Stadium Club set happens to be.

2001 Topps High Definition (Topps HD):

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  Exactly 75.
Does It Make the Cut?  Yes, at least for now.  This is one of the sets from 2001 that I've actually had on my want list for quite some time.  Unfortunately, I don't think I've actually received a card from this set in the mail in years...  That said, it is a set that I like for some reason - it's basically a needlessly expensive version of Stadium Club if I'm being honest but I'm still a sucker for it.

2001 Topps Gold Label:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  Exactly 102
Does It Make the Cut?  Yes, at least for now.  Much like the Topps HD set, this is another set that's been lurking on my want list for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the only cards that I'm now missing are skip-numbered, serially numbered short prints.  That's annoying because there are blank spots through the binder makes me feel like I can't not collect the serially numbered base cards!

2001 Topps Archives Reserve:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  1
Does It Make the Cut?  As much as I would love to collect this set, having only one card from a set that's 14 years old means I must say No.  I will, however, be keeping that shiny Kluszewski card!

2001 Topps Finest / Upper Deck / Pacific Private Stock / Donruss Classics:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  1 from each
Do Any Make the Cut?  No, No, No, and No.  I actually kind of like the Topps Finest design but no, none of these four make the cut.  My only Donruss Classics card is athe Ken Giffey Jr. relic shown above so that will definitely remain in my collection!

2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970s:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  2
Does It Make the Cut?  Nope.  I actually thought I owned more cards from this set but I seem to only have two at the moment.  No matter, this isn't a set that I will be collecting as the 70s were ten years before I was born so I have no particular attachment to that era.  I do recognize that was the time in which my beloved Reds had their best years but that's more sad than nostalgic for me...they've pretty much sucked year in and year out since I've been born (with the lone exception of 1990 when the won the World Series).

2001 Topps:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  All of Series 1 plus about 1/3 of Series 2
Does It Make the Cut?  This set was one of the toughest calls for me.  On the one hand, I have actually completed Series 1 which is a big accomplishment...but I happen to still need about two-thirds of the cards from Series 2 (though I do own the Ichiro rookie card which is good).  Unfortunately, it ultimately comes down to the fact that the set is ugly.  Yes, it's freaking ugly.  The teal blue borders (or whatever color that is supposed to be) are ugly as all get out...and the photography in the set really isn't anything special either.  I can't force myself to part with the completed Series 1 quite yet...but I can say a big "no" to Series 2.  Chances are I'll eventually take Series 1 out of the binder as well.

2001 Upper Deck Vintage:

How Many Cards Do I Currently Own?  300ish maybe?  I didn't count them - it's a lot.
Does it Make the Cut?  Another tough choice if I'm being honest.  I used to love the UD Vintage set from 2001 but, over time, I've slowly lost interest in the set.  This is another set that has been lurking on my want list for quite some time but I've decided (after much back-and-forth banter in my head) to keep this set on my want list for a bit longer.  I had actually decided to cut the set from my want list but changed my mind at the last's safe to say that this set is on life support in terms of whether or not I end up completing it!

That concludes my run through of all the 2001 sets that I owned cards from.  It's been a lot of fun going through all my cards and taking a close look at a bunch of forgotten sets.  I do wish that I had unlimited storage space - but alas, I do not and so sometimes tough decisions must be made!  If you have any cards for the sets that I'm planning on completing, be sure to drop me a line if you'd like to trade!


Julie Owens said...

I definitely agree with your decision to finish St Club! These sets all came out when I was rapidly losing interesting in the hobby. I do have a complete Decade 70s. Of all others listed, Archives Reserve is one I would like to pursue but doubt is affordable!

The Junior Junkie said...

That Griffey relic is gorgeous.

Brian said...

I'm just starting a re-organization of my cards (by team). Bought a bunch of storage supplies this weekend. 2001 is one of the years from which I have pretty much nothing at all. I will keep an eye out while I'm sorting, though!

Anonymous said...

I could certainly use some of those 2001 series 2 cards (and a few from series 1 if you have any doubles)!

Let's work out a trade!

Ana Lu said...

I'm still recovering from that 2001 Topps Stadium Club card! WoW What a beauty!

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