Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #3 (Dodger Power!)

I'm back with the contents of box #3 of our 2015 Topps Archives group break.  For this box, we did alright but I think it's safe to say that this ended up being one of the worst boxes in the break.  That said, it still wasn't a terrible box - so that says something about what fun Archives can be to bust!

Speaking of fun, here are the four Topps Game cards from the box.

I guess the theme of this box was "double" - either doubles or double plays are three of the four game cards!  For what it's worth, I'm sorta happy that the Cardinal card is an out!

Our buyback from the box was this well worn (and I mean, well worn - it almost feels like a cloth card) card of Jim Hart of the Giants.

P-Town Tom has San Francisco in the group break so he can figure out what to do with this one...

Moving on...  How about a Will Ferrell card for the Dodgers (Brett B)?

Yeah, that's a nice looking card (even if the 2015 Topps design is a bit jarring in the 2015 Archives set)!  The back of this card is awesome - it reads as follows.
Will faced one batter for the Dodgers, retiring San Diego's Rico Noel on a bunt - 1-3, if you're scoring at home.  Ferrell thus tied the all-time record for lowest career Spring Training ERA at 0.00.
That's perfect - and right in line with the persona of Will Ferrell!

The third box of the break produced another two silver parallels.

The Chapman is numbered 064/199 while the Chipper Jones is numbered 133/199.  Neither card is actually chopped off at the was a poor scan job on my part and I was too lazy / didn't care to go back and rescan the cards.  Sorry about that.

Our autographs go to the Dodgers with a nice Eric Karros signature.

The Dodgers, once again, were claimed by Brett B.  I don't think Brett will care about the Karros nearly as much as one of the Dodger autos that is coming up in a future box!

The other autograph goes to the Orioles (jaybarkerfan).

This is another silver parallel - numbered 029/199 on the back.  It's pretty nice looking if you ask me - though I don't see how that signature is supposed to be translated as "Mike Bordick."

I hope everyone is enjoying the romp through the case!  We've now seen 30% of what the case has to offer...but I assure the best is yet to come!


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