Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #6 (A Silver Parallel Joc Pederson On Card Autograph!)

This is one of the biggest boxes you could ever hope for out of 2015 Topps Archives.  The amazing part is that I'm not even sure if this is actually the best box from the case...I'll have to let you decide once I get all ten boxes scanned and posted!

In order for you to make an informed decision, I need to get going - so here's Box #6 from our case!

Our Topps Game cards are pretty good - if you play 'em in the right order.  Don't play the single then the double, play the single then the home run.  Yes, that will be better.

Our buyback card of the box goes to the Tigers (and, thus Julie who claimed Detroit).

It's a nice 1975 Topps card of Ed Brinkman.  I believe I read that Night Owl is trying to complete a buyback version of the 1975 set so if you don't want this one Julie you might have an interested trade partner!

One set that I'm currently trading for is the Will Ferrell insert set - and yes, we got one such card in this box.

It's Ferrell as a Cub - so this goes off to P-Town Tom.  Ferrell had a rough day as a Cub - he struck out on three pitches and then only got to play first base for a single batter.  Rough indeed.

Now, I haven't been scanning any more of the 1990 related inserts but this box happened to have the regular version of the Ryan Bruan #1 draft pick card.  In the video break, I commented (a lot) that I couldn't see how the gold parallel was any different - besides the serial numbering of course.  Looking at the two cards side-by-side it's a lot easier to see that, yes, the gold parallel is indeed gold...but it's the tint of the photograph that changes, not the card border (like most other parallels).

It's weird, but at least there is a difference.  That was bugging me.  The gold parallel is to the left in the above scan.  Also, Braun's eyes are kinda creepy in that photo.

Box #6 presented us with a single silver parallel - and it goes off to jaybarkerfan who has the Brewers in the break.

The Molitor is pretty nice - and it's numbered 080/199 if you care about that sort of thing.  Who knows, maybe someone out there is only interested in collecting cards that are serially numbered 80 out of something.  People are weird.

Julie picked up the buyback from the box already...but in my estimation her real prize of the box was this gold parallel of Yoenis Cespedes.

The Cespedes is numbered 31/50 - pretty nice indeed for Detroit.  It's always fun for me to pull rare cards from teams that group break participants actually collect!  Congrats Julie.  In a normal box, that probably would make you the box winner...but not for this box (as you'll all see momentarily).

First though, let's look at the first auto - a nice Jose Vidro.

Vidro goes to jaybarkerfan who has the Nationals/Expos slot...and I think Vidro might have one of the better looking autos in the set.  I like that he added his jersey number.

And with that, we get to the biggest pull so far of the break - a Joc Pederson silver parallel autograph.

This bad boy is on card (as all Archives autographs are) and is numbered 181/199 on the reverse.  I'm not even sure if I realized the card was numbered when I pulled it during the video opening.  This is actually the silver parallel edition of the card which makes it even rarer (and a more amazing pull for sure)!  The Dodgers were claimed by Brett B. so a big congrats goes out to you good sir!

Was this the best box in the case?  You could certainly make an argument that it was...but there's at least one more box that puts up a strong'll have to wait until I get that one scanned before making your final decision on the best box!


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