Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Delivery Time! Sports Cards Ate My Brain - The Ken Griffey Jr. Countdown (#9 - 7)

Over the past few days, I've been having fun counting down the 17 Ken Griffey Jr. cards from a recent trade with Scott over at Sports Cards Ate My Brain.  Today, we take a look at the next chunk of the we get a peak at a few cool non-Griffey Jr. cards as well!

#9:  2008 Topps Heritage

The '08 Topps Heritage set was an exciting set for me.  After all, it was the 2007 set that got me back into collecting modern cards (which is ironic in a way if you think about it).  The '08 Heritage set was the followup so I felt I had to collect it as well.  Of course, this was before I realized just what a pain the short prints are in fact, it's now 2015 and I am STILL trying to complete my 2008 Heritage set.  In case you are wondering, here's what I still need from the set:
2008 Topps Heritage Wants Base: #464, 465, 480, 488, 495, 500
But yes, despite my failure at completing the set so far, I have to admit that this is a nice looking card - the red border works well with the Cincinnati Reds' uniform!

#8:  2002 Fleer Showcase

There's nothing particularly special about this card (it's not serially numbered or anything)...but for whatever reason I simply like it.  A lot.  Maybe it's the giant Reds' logo?  Maybe it's all the boxes?  Maybe it's because Griffey Jr. was one of the few good things about the early 00s Reds teams?  No matter the reason, this card slots in at #8 in my countdown!

I mentioned in the preamble of this blog post that I had a few non-Griffey cards from Scott to show off as well.

Scott ended up sending me a pair of awesome Ginter relics.

There's really not much better design than a framed Ginter relic.  I don't even care that the two cloth bits are boring grey.  The frames are so nice - and that 2010 set is especially nice since I'm actively trying to collect the entire relic set from 2010!!

#7:  2009 Topps Heritage

We end this portion of the countdown with another Heritage Griffey Jr. card.  Although this card doesn't show Griffey as a Red, it still manages to rank higher than the '08 card simply because this card features a better photo of everyone's favorite baseball "kid."

Many thanks, once again, Scott for all the goodies.  I think I'll be able to finish off the countdown in the next post - but we shall see how my energy levels are when I get around to writing it.. No promises...though I guess I can safely promise that I will eventually get through the entire countdown!


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